Friday, April 6, 2012

The Wrath of the Followers

After making contact with the police over the weekend, I sat quietly and waited. This has been a nerve-wracking experience, honestly. I had built friendships with Susie, Jamie, Michael's children, and others in this case. I was talking to Susie and Jamie multiple times a day some days. I knew reporting what had happened was the right thing to do, but I was very nervous over what was probably going to follow. 

Over the weekend, things were fairly quiet. No one was completely up-to-speed about my contact with the police. They just knew what I knew because I had spoken to Susie and Michael about it on the phone. 

Jamie kept up with her little wise-cracks on Facebook, so I wrote a statement back to call her out for her words. A tip from someone on the site led me to Google the screen name (same as email address) on Jamie's husband, Jerry Bell. Jerry has an extensive criminal history and is a convicted felon. Yet, he is married to Aunt Jamie and was around the youth in the residential treatment facility on a regular basis. 

So, after Googling "dkdadx5", which is Jerry's gmail address also (unless he deleted that, too), I came up with a web site containing a profile for Jerry at HUH? Right then, I began to think that this group home for youth had become a breeding ground for Michael and certain family members. I was sick to my stomach. Here is a picture of the profile I screen printed. I also called out Jamie about it on Facebook, and Jerry's profile at was deleted by the next day.

So, yes, I called Jamie Moore Bell out on Facebook. I guess on a personal level I was now angry with her. She attacked me, and I know why she mentions the sheep Reigh told me about a picture he once had of the farm hand and something HE once But, I do not have the picture, and won't directly say what it means. But, I do know, because of his reputation, and the fact that the farmhand and I were alone when he decided to talk, it is probably assumed by the Terpening Followers that something of a sexual nature MUST have happened between me and the farm hand. I guess I must have manipulated him, 

My calling out of Jamie on Facebook:

Since all this came out, I have also had CPS show up at my house. I am sure it is one of the Followers, likely Jamie or Katie Rucinski. Whatever. 

Every one of the Followers have lied, under oath, and I am not going to be a part of those lies. Everything I have spoken has been honest since Reigh unleashed on me, and I have more to talk about when the time comes.

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