Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Could I Forget the Insurance Fraud?

One issue that has been tagging along since the beginning of this case has to do with the insurance fraud charge she is facing over an accident she allegedly had while she was driving one of the youths between locations. 

At least, that is what she told me, and I believed her. Later transcripts show that Jamie was not even in the vehicle at the time of the accident. The youth operating the vehicle had the accident and allegedly called back to whoever was working at the House Next Door, which was Jamie. She went straight to the scene of the accident and played it off to the police as if she were operating the vehicle. 

What I find uniquely funny is the elaborate lengths she goes to tell that story and defend her "innocence". She made it a point to tell me that she was in the driver's seat and still had her seat belt on when the police arrived to make a report, which is exactly what someone would say if they showed up at the scene of an accident to cover for someone.

And people wonder why our auto insurance rates continue to increase? 

At this point, there is not much than can be said to me by Michael or any of the Followers (Jamie, Susie, or Katie) that hold any weight or bearing with me. I do still speculate on Susie because of things that have been crossing my mind recently...more on that soon to follow.

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