Thursday, April 12, 2012

No-Win Situation

If someone had asked me this question a couple weeks ago, my response would have been a definite, "Yes!" Of course I was angry!

I saw the things the Followers were posting online and the comments being made towards me. I wanted to argue with them and defend my stance. But, what good would it have done? It is better to talk with evidence, instead of "spraying ink"? That is why I created this blog. To tell the truth, despite what the existing Followers continue to say. I had time, personal information, and money involved in this case, as well as a couple ruined pairs of tennis shoes and my emotions. To find out I had been lied to caused major feelings of betrayal. 

Michael Terpening, Jamie Moore Bell, Susan Ward Gillihan, and Katie Rucinski Terpening Follower have betrayed me. They have all lied and sought revenge against me. I have CPS knocking on the door demanding to see where my children sleep. Seriously? 

It would have been a wonderful thing to truly find out Michael was innocent, not just for the sake of his children and family, but for the sake of the alleged victims. I do not wish this type of crime on anyone. There are many people in Michael's family I truly respect and am sorry their lives have to be affected by this pending case. 

However, the transcripts have appeared online, and they paint a totally different picture than what was originally painted by Michael, Jamie, and their group of people. The fact is, these charges will be investigated completely. Who knows if there are more people going to come forward now that the case has started to bend on Michael. He no longer has the support of the various organizations that were trying to help him. 

Yeah, the transcripts...and a young man's words weighing on my mind, "The recant doesn't matter Jennifer. The prosecutors already had what they needed." 

No matter what, innocence or guilt, someone is losing...

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