Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting a Victim's Name Removed

Community Inclusive Recreation Hosts Kickball Tournament

On Sunday, 5/20/12, I took a drive over to Bailey Park to watch some of the kickball tournament sponsored by Community Inclusive Recreation (CIR). I had played in the tournament the previous year, so I was looking forward to seeing a few friends who were playing again this year.

But, the real reason I was there was because I was also scoping out the park for Laura Adams, The Village Thinker, and Linda Linke, the executive director of CIR. My goal was to interview them and capture the interviews with the camcorder in my phone.

Why the Hunt for Laura Adams and Linda Linke?

Laura Adams, The Village Thinker, received information from Terpening, which included the names of two victims and information that should not have been released to Adams, legally. 

The result of Adams' actions resulted in a first page article on Google with information that Terpening, himself, gave Adams. If anyone searched for anything on Google regarding this victim, Adams' crappy and distasteful blog post appeared. As the Web Guy says, "Imagine if a prospective employer looked that kid's name up on Google?"

Our famous Web Guy made contact with Adams several months ago at CIR, in an attempt to get the blog post removed. Instead of being civil, Adams retaliated with profanity and rudeness and hung up on the Web Guy. 

For anyone who knows the Web Guy, this was a mistake because he called back and blew up the phones at CIR in an attempt to talk to someone in charge. I kid you not, he told me called every single extension at the business. 

He finally made contact with Linda Linke, who did not take him too seriously. Adams' blog post disappeared for a short time, but later it reappeared at another blog site Adams writes for. Until May 20, getting those names removed was impossible.

Finding Adams and Linke

After walking around for an hour at the kickball tournament, I finally found Linda Linke (I checked out her picture online before the tournament). The name tag on her shirt confirmed her identity. I was not in a rush to talk to her yet, as I wanted to find Laura Adams first.

I walked around for another half hour, and I came up behind a woman wearing a baseball cap with a camera hanging from her neck. I had also viewed her picture online, so I took my chance and said, "Excuse me, are you Laura Adams?" 

She confirmed that she was, indeed, Laura Adams. I quickly explained that I was also a blogger and had been following her blogs. I also explained I was writing a story about CIR and the kickball tournament and asked if I could interview her. She politely declined, explaining she had a meeting to go to. I asked if I could catch up with her later, but she replied that she would be unavailable then, too. 

So, I turned around and went back to find Linda Linke. She was standing with her husband watching one of the games.

I approached her and asked if she was Linda Linke. She agreed that she was, so I went on to explain who I was. I told her I was there to write a story about Community Inclusive Recreation (CIR) and asked her if she would take part in a quick interview, while I recorded the conversation. She agreed. 

She gave a well-rehearsed speech about CIR, as if she had given it 100 times before. It was not difficult to get her to talk, so imagine what happened when I confronted her about Laura Adams, The Village Thinker, and why, as the executive director of CIR, she did not stand up to Adams when she outed the full legal names of sexual abuse victims.

Stay tuned for the answer...

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