Monday, June 4, 2012

PROOF that the Terps Lied about the "Virus Site"

For months, the Followers have been warning everyone not to go to the taboo website because visitors would catch viruses from it. As I have been saying for quite awhile, this is just a dishonest attempt to divert people from accessing the true facts in this case. And today, Jamie proved it (unless Susie is talking to herself in her blog). The image below shows an admission that Susan Ward Gillihan, herself, is regularly visiting the so-called "Virus Site".

So, for the rest of the curious people who are probably riding the fence on what they think and believe, take some time to check out that website. There are transcripts from the hearing from last September that was closed to the public. Rob is diligently working to provide a new "Taboo Website" that is well-organized so visitors are able to access information more effectively. Even he wasn't expecting that the website would turn out as large as it has. 

However, as most people know who are interested in this case, Mike pulled this same stunt back in 2003. Rumor has it he promised that victim a truck but did not follow through after those charges were dropped. The transcripts from that preliminary hearing are available, as well as the arrest complaint that goes with it. If you have already read the transcripts from the September 2011 preliminary examination, you will see the similarities between those cases and the one that he wiggled out of back in 2003. 

This means, according to the Followers, that Barry County has been corrupt all along and had it out for him since 2003, while the state continued to pay him subsidies for a good portion of that time? Seriously, does this make any sense to anyone? I wonder what it was like for the police every time they received any type of call from Earth Services, knowing what they knew about Mike, and still having to remain professional and do their job. Does that sound like corruption?

It's one thing to be supportive of Mike and being in his corner. The smoke screen that Jamie and Susie have created in an attempt to cover Mike's actions has failed terribly. 

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