Thursday, June 14, 2012

Update on the Web Guy

Many facts have been given to me over the last six months. Many lies have been told to me, as well. Trying to decipher between the lies and the truth has been difficult because I do not write down everything I hear regarding who said what.

The Web Guy did not call ever extension at CIR after talking to Laura Adams. When he made contact with her, he first called the number that was listed on her blog.

After she was nasty with him and hung up on him, he then proceeded to call her at the phone number listed for the business, which Adams answered, also. 

My earlier post regarding the Web Guy "blowing up the phones at CIR" was inaccurate. In hindsight, that is information that was passed to me months ago by the Terpening Followers, and that is how they described it to me. 

After being corrected by the Web Guy on this piece, I wanted to reiterate that. There were only two phone calls, and he reached out to Linda Linke through the Internet.

Now, that is cleared up, and I can go on with my day. What a beautiful day it is!!

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