Tuesday, July 31, 2012



  1. Neither are you. Totally nasty living in a hous with no running water but soon that will catch up to you. Don't ya know that smoking weed around a kid can get them taken away? I have been around you for many years and your nothing but an attention seeking b****.

  2. Catch up to me? Huh, that's nice to know, still full of threats. It would seem like you would get your facts straight before running your mouth. No running water? Last I checked, I had brand new plumbing from one end of my house to the other end (even replaced the underground pipe that runs to the road, too). As far as the weed goes, how would you know that? For six months, that's all you guys have had to complain about? Even sent CPS to my house (someone did) for those very 2 reasons, which I was honest with the social worker about. The case is closed. So, obviously, if CPS saw for themselves that I had running water, then I must have running water. I also told her that I smoked sometimes, just like I admitted on the stand to the Attorney General. Why don't you find something new to cry about? Whether or not I have running water and smoke weed has nothing to do with what Terpening is on trial for, now does it? But, if it makes you feel better to be a follower to a possible predator, then you should be proud! Birds of a feather flock together. I may be no one, but I can guarantee that you won't be seeing me go to trial for what he is going to trial for. But, if this is who I think it is, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and you were either raised by a predator, or are related to one.

    Been around me for years? Thanks for the compliment, that I'm not the jackass whisperer!! Maybe that's why I didn't ever make it on the farm?? Because I'm not the whisperer. That would be YOUR job.

    So, again, come at me with something new. You can post anonymously, but I know who this is. You're seriously lagging behind. But, that's why you're follow Terpening, isn't it? He enjoys using other abusers to do his dirty work. He needs other abusers for Followers, because anyone of normal mind and sanity would never do that for him. But, it's no surprise to me. You are what you have been raised to be, and you have done a good job at spreading abuse into another generation. The best thing I ever did was get away from Bellevue and every one of you out there. Life has never been better!

    Get your facts straight. This is such old news, makes me feel special that you just keep coming back with the same old lame news. I think you're just mad at me because I did find a way to get out, while you are still stuck there dealing with it. So, whatever. Yeah, I may have bought a house, cheap, that needs work. But, the renovations are coming along nicely, but when you're down having surgeries, it takes a little longer to pull it all together. At least I have the best tasting water on the block, no old galvanized metal for it to run through, everything brand new. Next project? New floors in my living room...I can't wait!! So, go find someone else to call names. Oh, wait. This shows your TRUE character, though, doesn't it? Why don't you try rising above what you were raised to be? Or, is this the best behavior you know? It would seem like you would be glad I'm gone. Or, are you mad that you were one of the ones who I chose to not deal with anymore? Why else would you decide to come here and comment? 14 years of being called a b**** has a way of pushing a person into saying, "Enough is enough." When the offspring are used as tools for someone else's bidding, I feel sorry for those who have to deal with you, as well as you. I would hope in adulthood, you would choose a better path. But, ABUSE IS ALL YOU KNOW, all you have been raised with, all you have been taught to do. Why would anyone expect differently from you?


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