Thursday, August 23, 2012

For Those Who Enjoy Arguing with Me Here...

Just a little something to stop the ignorance (yeah, right, that's not going to happen because of who we're talking about)...people are hell bent on saying I bought a house without plumbing and water. Correction, there was plumbing. We just replaced it ALL through the whole house, no plumbing worries for 30 years. Any more ignorant comments from the intelligent group that supports Terpening? They're just comments from the "Peanut Gallery" as far as I'm concerned.

Old plumbing

New plumbing parts, with the new water lines to the right

My good friend working on the plumbing

As I said, I have no reason to lie. Terpening supporters are hell bent on getting on me about the same facts, over and over again. Yes, I bought a house that needs work. And? At least, it's mine, bought and paid for, with no mortgage. At least I'm not forced to stay with an abusive man who pushed me down in a doorway, who I chose to stay with, because he's my financial income (and rarely home, can't be that can you?). At least I'm not staying with an abusive man because I'm using him until I get my government funding to live. At least I'm not returning home to a man (or father) who makes me feel like nothing I do is ever good enough. Or, with a parent who expects them (their minor children) to pick up dead animals in their house. Or, with a husband who illegally sells prescription drugs (yeah, I saw the messages in one young man's phone).

Why am I saying this? Because no one has their life together 100%. Everyone has problems, issues, and struggles. 

And, while everyone is having so much fun trashing Jennifer (over some information that has been severely twisted or is not true), not one of these people take a good hard look at what is going on in there own lives. Why? Because some people don't look at their own selves, much less the people they are close to. They think there is NO way that Terpening could have done this to these boys, which is what all this is really about. 

My theory? They know, or suspect the truth. How can they not? I barely knew the guy, and I had my later suspicions, because of certain ways he acted. How did anyone working in the HND have any authority to work there? Why were they chosen work there? Because Terpening picked all his close friends and family to work there, people he knew would cover up certain actions through their blindness and devotion to their fearless leader.

And, instead of waking up and doing the next right thing each day, they spend their time DESTROYING other people. Destroying victims, all the witnesses in this case, their families, and other people who didn't want to be involved, maybe because they knew this was how Terpening supporters act. Why? What purpose is this serving?

Maybe, because in their own minds, they can't handle the guilt of their lack of actions in all of this, if he is truly guilty. I mean, if these charges are true, how could they not see it? How did they miss it? And, since most of the Terpening Followers are women, that means they have to face themselves in this and realize that they don't know everything. I mean, if I was in their shoes, delegated as someone to take care of those kids, I couldn't live with myself if these types of activities were going on under my nose, and knowing I might have failed to protect those youth.

Which leads me to believe one of two thing: they knew he was doing it, or they were not trained to see it for what it was. None of those people should have been working in that home. None of them were trained to work with troubled youth, not even Michael. I mean, he did lie about his college education.  

And, despite the differences and the fighting that is going on, I find it difficult to believe that the supporters I have met since the first of the year actually support this type of behavior, what Terpening has been charged with. As much as the Followers want to cut me wide open, the truth is, I do not believe that they would have went along with it if they DID know about it when it was allegedly happening. 

Has some events been humiliating and humbling? Absolutely! But, most of my life has already been gone over with a fine-tooth comb with my wonderful sponsor, a former pastor, as well as at the tables during meetings. I have my group of people who love me, unconditionally, and accept me for who I am. What more do I need? I am grateful for those people, because they serve a wonderful remind me that my stepchildren and the Followers are full of crap.

Oh, let's not forget my grassy yard (which is actually half dirt, half grass in the front) and the excavators that did NOT come dig up my front yard (never mind these pictures were taken from my front porch).


More excavating

Dang, they tore up my front yard, but I have the best tasting water on the block now!!

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