Friday, November 2, 2012

Terpening is Guilty!

Terpening was found guilty on 8 counts of CSC and taken to jail. Sentencing is Dec. 13 at 8:15.

Even after the evidence in this case proved that Terpening was, in fact, guilty, that is not enough for some to let this go. Instead of letting it go and helping Terpening's family heal, the Followers continue to perpetuate the abuse of Terpening, even as he is sitting in a jail cell.

I was not surprised, after falling asleep in the middle of working on the computer last night, to wake up and find the comments of the Followers at Rob's site.

The Followers have threatened Rob, me, and others they think are involved in bringing forth the truth. They didn't go as far as to threaten the victims, because there is no point. We already know how they handled the witnesses in this case (tearing them apart, posting their full legal names online, showing fake 'love' to one of the victims to get him to recant, and the list goes on).

Yes, I said fake 'love.' Jamie seems to forget that the only time she had anything nice to say about the victim was when she wanted something from him. Nice to his face, but always talking crap when not face to face with him. I haven't forgotten, day after day, "Jennifer, call R, Jennifer would you go spend time with R, Jennifer R is driving me nuts and I don't want to be bothered by him. Do something Jennifer!"

Yeah, Jamie, I'm talking to and about you. You know exactly how many times you dodged the same R this last year instead of trying to help him. You know how you pushed him to the side when he wanted to end his life. Where were you when that happened? Not helping him, because once again, I went running to the rescue. And, Katie flipping him off in the courtroom? Is THAT what witnesses deserve to experience? Because YOU Followers are so extremely abusive?

And, unless Mrs. Terpening moves away from Bellevue to start over a LONG WAYS AWAY from you twisted people, then the state should intervene in the future abuse that her children will have to endure at the hands of Terpening's family. Terpening being locked up will not help his own children, as long as they have to be surrounded by the Terpening blood.

And, yes, my post will definitely piss off a few measly, non-important people in Barry County. Honestly? I don't care. I find it sad that the Followers feel the need to harass a web site with threats directed at specific people. But, it shows the TRUE COLORS of these people, definitely.

Obviously, I'm not going to add all the treats and comments of abuse, but this is what to expect the day after the verdict is read? And, some of us were looking forward to this being over. But, truthfully, I'm not worried. It takes a real coward to post under anonymous names, because they don't want anyone to know who they really are. But, the group of Terpening supporters is small now, and still led by the top Followers, Jamie Moore Bell, Susan Ward Gillihan, and Miss Katie Rucinski (who is packing a powerful weapon with that middle finger of hers).

The Terpening group has no respect. After the verdict was read, Miss Katie flipped off the victim TWICE. Miss Crazy Aunt (I believe the one who stuck her tongue out at victims last year) had to be restrained by family after she attempted to go after a reporter. And, it is respect for bystanders in a courtroom to stand for the judge and jury, both when they enter and leave. When the jury left the courtroom, not one Terpening nut stood up. I guess the entire family is above the law and none of them should have to follow it. Hence, the reason they have spent YEARS covering up for a pedophile.

Does Terpening really care about his family? Two house fires a week apart, one being the house his own sister lived in? I don't believe those fires were accidents, nor does anyone else. If Terpening was behind those fires, that's a great way to show how much he loves his own sister, isn't it? Destroy all her stuff and kill her cat, yup...the family love just continues.

So, I guess I have to spend an unimaginable amount of time fighting back to the revenge of the Followers. And, that's ok, because I feel they all deserve to be right where Terpening is for helping him to get away with his crimes.

My true opinion of all sexual pedophiles? Stay tuned for the next post...

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