Friday, November 2, 2012

Hanging out in Hastings...

Mmmm...thank you for breakfast. It was good. I feel better. Nothing like a Sausage McMuffin with egg.

So, now we wait. Jury is in deliberations as we speak. I have not been into the courthouse. Yet. Coffee, food, everyone wanted something. He decided McD's, since they have free wi-fi, and of course, I brought one of my computers. No way am I letting Twerp keep me from working today, that's the cool part about

Anyway, now we just wait for news. We could be here for awhile. The Terpening Followers are still up to there usual crap, even as we speak, threatening, trying to contact victims. What's up with that? At what point to they just say enough is enough? I agree, family is family, and we support each other and still love them. It's one thing to support, it's another to lie about others, threaten people in parking lots, and doing the stare-downs and the dirty looks, because honestly, it doesn't phase me. I am not easily intimidated. I get great humor out of the idiocies of the low-lifes who have helped Terpening. It just the true nature of the entire family, full of secrets and terrible behaviors in the dark that has wrecked many lives of these victims.

So, as I wait to hear the verdict, I have one thing to say. There are people in this case, aside from Terpening, who I believe should be held accountable for their actions in this case, and I'm not just talking about the Followers. Any staff, anyone on the 'Neanderthal food chain', all of them. In some way, they played a hand in Twerp's success in molesting those boys.

And, I will also say while I feel sorry for Terpening's children (having been around them, it's hard not to get a little attached to them), Michael Terpening caused this all. The affects on people's lives that have been rocked or shaken by this case, today is the day.

His fate will be known. And, to Joe...good luck buddy...

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