Thursday, November 1, 2012

Terpening's Wife Testifies

It really is unfortunate that Mrs. Terpening has decided to continue covering for her husband, seeing as she still has to go to family court to establish whether or not they will be removing her 8 children from her care. Her testimony revealed that she became involved in sexual relations with Terpening at the location where his DNA was found with Resident A's DNA. She testified the napkin found with Terpening's DNA was used to clean himself after the two of them were done 'playing.'

There is one problem with Mrs. Terpening's testimony. If what she said about the napkin found in the garbage (according to Brian's statement) is true, then her DNA would have been found, as well, and it was not.

Why in the world would she continue to support Terpening in lieu of the family court trial? If she is charged with perjury, this could seriously interfere with her chance to keep her children.

So, what's the deal? Is she afraid? Has she been threatened by Terpening? Or, is she supporting him on her own free will?

Maybe the thought of raising 8 kids alone, as she has been doing for over a year, is too much for her? If Terpening is found guilty, he is facing life in prison. Raising children, with no help or child support from the other parent, is extremely difficult to do alone.

I guess we just wait, and see what happens.

Terpening is also scheduled to testify on his own behalf today, as he tries to testify to the same story his wife has.

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