Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Law Prohibits Sexual Contact between Foster Parents and their Foster Kids

On a positive note, one good thing that did result from the multiple cases against Michael Terpening is that a new law is being implemented in Michigan that prohibits foster parents from having sexual relations with their foster children, even if the child is over the legal age of consent, 16 years of age.

Foster parents will now be held to the same level of standards as are teachers, pastors and priests, school bus drivers, athletic coaches, and others in positions of authority.

When Senator Rick Jones heard about these cases and how many charges Terpening could not be brought against him because of the current laws, he introduced this legislation to protect other foster children, current and future.

For the victims and witnesses in this case, I have one things to say: lift your hand above your head, now bend your elbow and touch the back of your shoulder, now give it a pat. This is good news!

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