Saturday, December 22, 2012

Terpening's New Home: Prison

Prisoner #859537
Terpening has been moved to state prison in Jackson and assigned an inmate number, which will be his new name. That number is how we will be identified during his incarceration in prison: #859537. Terpening's inmate profile has been set up, which also included this picture.

He will continue to fight in family court, the insurance fraud trial, and the 1st degree criminal sexual conduct case. The next CSC trial is the one that is going to hurt him the worst if he is convicted of those charges. It has been made very clear by Terpening, his family, and supporters that the fight is still on.

Terpening's own aunt, Jamie Moore-Bell was charged in the insurance fraud case and was originally facing possible felony charges. She pleaded no contest in exchange for a misdemeanor charge. How this will work out for Terpening remains to be seen, but he is still fighting the charges, despite Moore-Bell's plea.

The next scheduled court date is for January 15, 2013, which will be held in family court.

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