Monday, December 17, 2012

The Followers' Will Never Learn

After 19 months of witness tampering, verbal abuse to witnesses and victims, and attempts at ruining people's reputations with their online antics, the Terpening Followers have made it very clear that the fight for Twerp is not over. I understand supporting those you love, but not in the way they have been doing it.

Many people involved with this case continue to be subjected to verbal abuse from certain family members of Terpening's. As much as I am ready to take down this blog (we all were hoping to be able to), this just continues. It's like a never-ending roller coaster ride of HELL.

Terpening tried to throw his own sister under the bus instead of taking responsibility for his own actions. Does this sound like a loving brother who truly cares for and loves his family? I think not. This is a very self-centered individual who only looks out for his selfish needs.

And, honestly, all the 'good' that Terpening has done does not deliver him from all the 'bad.' Just because he put on a show of 'goodness' that allowed him to have such a wall of support does not negate the fact that he has caused serious, irreparable damage to many people, damage they have to carry for the rest of their lives. Terpening has become accustomed to getting what he wants from people, through his manipulation and lies.

So, what took place in court the day of sentencing was no surprise, his begging and demanding the judge to give him what he thinks he is entitled to, an easy sentence. As he cried, begged, and pleaded, not once did he say, "I'm sorry. I committed these crimes. I sexually abused these kids." And THAT is one major reason why the judge departed from the sentencing guidelines and sentenced him with what she did. There is no help available for someone who cannot admit their wrongdoings. The first step in getting help is admitting the truth.

The Followers' antics with manipulating the witnesses, the courts, the media, and their supporters also played a hand in the sentencing that Terpening has received.

At what point do the Followers wake up and realize that they are hurting Terpening's case? No one believes in his innocence anymore, and I'm sure a few supporters are having second thoughts about their original beliefs in this case.

And, it's sad the Followers aren't smart enough to figure this out. They are sealing Terpening's 'coffin', so to speak. With the 1st degree CSC trial still pending, which will carry more time in prison if he's convicted, it would seem like they would just shut up and stop fighting everyone. Do they REALLY want to risk the judge departing from the sentencing guidelines in that trial, too, if that can happen?

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