Friday, December 30, 2011

Why This Blog?

As a former Follower of Michael Terpening, recent events have taken place that has caused me to re-evaluate my stance in this case.

I decided to write this blog in order to tell the truth about my experience as a Follower. I joined this "cause" because I truly believed, at the time, that Michael was innocent of his criminal charges. I also warned Michael, in the beginning, not to lie to me. If I caught wind he was lying or evidence showed a different story other than his claims of "government corruption and prosecutorial misconduct" it would not be a good day between us.

Michael swore he was innocent of those charges. So did one of the victims.

Here is a clip of a video that aired on WWMT:

WWMT - Jared Werksma

So, like a blind fool, I became a supporter to an alleged sexual predator, not long before the first-degree charges were brought upon him.

One thing the Terpening group was not counting on was the victim and I becoming so close that he was feeling enough unconditional support from someone who believed in him. It was easy for him to be bullied by the Followers and pressured into recanting his story. 

On Facebook, I see the comments made by the current Terpening followers: Jamie Moore Bell, Susan Ward Gillihan, Katie Rucinski Terpening Follower, and other friends and family of Terpening's. Jamie and Susie know the truth, but their lies are truly eye-opening and revealing about their character and the type of people that they are; anything to seek revenge. 

Since reporting the truth about some things recently, I have received even more negative criticism, phone calls from a couple of Michael's family members who believe Terpening is guilty, and have had CPS called on me (which went nowhere). 

It is time to speak the truth. I refuse to lower myself to the vileness of Jamie Moore Bell by fighting back in comments, so I will write a blog until I can develop a Web site.

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." John 8:32 (NIV)

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