Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Influence of Jamie Moore Bell

Let me say that during the four or five months I was writing for Terpening's case, I was in attendance of three court hearings. One was his arraignment from when he was arrested for the first degree case. This happened less than two days after the recant video Rodney made went public on YouTube. 

Michael was able to get back out of jail on bond. Large amounts of fighting happened online between the Terpening Followers and another group of people online. I will talk more about these people soon, too. 

Apparently, there is a no-contact order between Terpening and his Aunt Jamie. She was definitely in contact with Michael at times, and other times, she had me or Susie or another contact person get ahold of him. There was direct contact between the two, as well as indirect.  She rode along to court hearings and was in direct physical contact with Rodney, who rode along with us for a couple hearings to "show support for Michael." He would usually sit with me during court. Jamie waited in the car.

Jamie worked hard on Terpening's farm. She was instructed her whole life to "take care of her nephew" who is eleven years younger. She had numerous surgeries on her back, yet she still continued to push herself working with Terpening's animals. I cannot tell you how many times she went down from injury on the farm, but there were a few.

Jamie spoke of her experiences, in great detail, regarding her work at Earth Services, especially in the House Next Door. She elaborated how "boys will be boys" and how many of them had crushes on her and fantasized about her. She told me that she heard boys "yelling out her name from their rooms" when she would walk through the house. 

Back to the massages. Why are the youth giving her shoulder massages? A likely reaction from the youth would likely be a typical male reaction, which would be erection. Jamie laughed about how she got two massages at the same time. (Youth male massages her shoulders while his erection massages her lower back). I thought this was disturbing, but I did not back away from the Terpening clan at this point.

Jamie also claims that many of the youth fantasized about and loved her breasts. Claims were made by Jamie that the yelling of her name was because they would be masturbating and fantasizing about her. 

Also, shortly after the recant video hit YouTube, she was telling me how Rodney had gotten his tongue pierced and contacted her asking if he could try using his tongue ring on her "clit". Rodney was not serious, and I heard him laughing with her about it later. Odd thing to be joking around with youth males about.

This is some serious stuff, and after I was able to read the transcripts that went public last week in the earlier preliminary examination (happened shortly before I had the confrontation with Terpening), which was closed to the public. The public had not been able to see that information, yet.

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