Wednesday, April 4, 2012

YouTube recant

The following video was recorded in Marshall, in the back seat of Susie's car. In previously supporting Terpening, I received much criticism because another victim's name was mentioned by Rodney. But, this video has been going around for awhile, and I have no way to edit the video to remove the other victim's name.

Rodney has e-mailed Susie, in hopes of having the video removed. She said she would contact the owner of the YouTube account, but as of today, April 4, 2012, the video has not been removed, nor has Rodney heard back from her. Her camera was the only one of three that captured the video in its entirety. 

For the record, I was in the backseat of Susie's car with Rodney when this video was captured. We had three cameras recording at once. I had Rodney's cell phone in my hand, as he had asked me to record it with his phone. Jamie Moore Bell was in the front passenger seat with Susie's waterproof camera, which had a video recorder. Susie was in the driver's seat with her cell phone. 

Partway through the recording, Rodney's cell phone ran out of memory, and I dropped my hand. This was the pause where the name "Laura" is heard in the background. I just signaled him to keep talking. The cell phone Jamie was recording with received an incoming message, which cause her recording to come to a stop. The camera Jamie was also holding was the only device to get the video in its entirety. 

The video was not edited prior to posting on YouTube. The paper in Rodney's hand is the list provided for him by Jamie Moore Bell

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