Sunday, April 15, 2012

Being Grateful in the End

It is difficult to be sitting where I am. It is a big enough struggle being a single mom and trying to make ends meet. I am close to finishing college, and that is a big bonus. Officially, I have 18 weeks to until I graduate. I see opportunities available that I never knew existed, had it not been for the journey of life that has brought me here.

I have helped many teenagers, young adults, and single moms with children over the years. I have let many people come and live in my home, and Reigh is not the first. Alright, I may not be the choice "foster parent", but kids, for some reason, just enjoy being around me. (I still don't know why). Before my ex-stepdaughter got married, I spent more time with her and was around a lot of kids that were transported to her church. We had our fun. 

Had I known what I was truly getting myself into, in hindsight, I would have not stepped forward in the manner that I did. But, some things made it worth it. Like, seeing Reigh moving forward with his life. He is not going to let his life fall because he has been tripped in life. He has been studying hard to take his written test to obtain his T.I.P. He is re-enrolling into school so he can receive his high school diploma. 

He is detaching from the unhealthy relationships he has established from staying at the House Next Door and finally realizes what he has been defending and feeling sorry for. 

It was difficult, as a mother, to see Reigh struggling. He is a couple months younger than my oldest son, and I would not like to see my son going through similar hardships. 

Reigh does not have the "wonderful life" here with me; he just realizes he is in a place where he can be himself within moderation. He knows the rules here are strict but notices when he cuts certain things from his life, how quiet life can actually become. Because of our common interests, he will have plenty of activities to keep him occupied aside from working. He loves to garden, I love to garden. He has his own room and some privacy. 

He does not have to stay on the path of the victim. He is a survivor. His choices will help to pave the way for other victims to come forward and speak. Sometimes, sharing is a healthy way to heal. 

I am grateful for Reigh. He has taught me a few things, as well. In the beginning, I thought I had made new, honest friends, then come to find out, it was all just a front. The true friends that resulted were not who I expected them to be.

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