Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Little More about Katie

This post has been saved for a reason. I tossed this one around for awhile before deciding whether or not to post this one. I guess because everyone wants to stick up for themselves after  being caught up in some "not so nice" conversations.

When I first dealt with Katie, I could tell from day one she was going to be a project. I do not like picking on undeserving people, but Katie is old enough to threaten people online, on behalf of anyone in this case. I liked her well enough. When she is having a good day, she can be a blast to be around.

But, she is young, barely old enough to legally drink, and she suffers from her own instabilities herself. Most days, I was bombarded on Facebook as soon as I would log on. Most days, Katie was upset about some of the craziest, most childish, things, all the time, drama. If her mom said something she didn't like, or if she got into a fight with her sister, or someone she might be dating was rude to her; any of these reasons could cause her to go into a suicidal rage at any point.

When Katie got into one of her "moods", I, as well as the rest of the Followers, would turn off our chat notifications on Facebook, just so she wouldn't see us online. 

Katie has a huge heart, I have to give her that. In her blindness, she is a faithful and devoted Follower to Terpening. She will spend hours putting together videos for YouTube to continue fighting for Michael. She will walk miles to Mooville from her house, just to catch the early morning transit to Hastings to be in court for Michael. She would spend hours in town, just sitting, waiting for the afternoon transit to take her back home by Mooville. 

Yes, Katie had her struggles. But, her constant issues and drama became a major problem for me. I did not mind being friendly with her, but I was not her on-call psychiatrist. Many times, I would be working on schoolwork and have to drop what I was doing because Katie couldn't seem to understand that when she would ask what I was doing and get the response of "studying" or "homework", that meant, "I am busy. Get ahold of me later." 

Subtle messages do not work well with Katie, and if you bluntly tell her how you are feeling, she goes into a huge 3-day rage, whines to anyone who will listen, and tells the whole world on Facebook. I was not the only one who was tired of hearing about it, and tired of the childish tantrums. 

On a good day, Katie was nice. But, dealing with her in this case became a full-time job by itself. It became very frustrating for me, and for Susie, Michael, and Jamie. I would get calls from Michael, apologizing to me, because he couldn't understand what Katie's particular problem was on that particular day (pick one). 

I did introduce Katie, in the beginning, to my ex-stepson, but that turned into a huge fiasco within a week as well as some very revealing pictures I did not expect him to show me of her. I remember chewing Katie out and telling her if she was going to be dumb enough to send  naked pictures of herself to men she doesn't know, then at least be smart enough NOT to put her face into them, too. 

Katie wants to say I was abusive to Quite the opposite. I was the ONLY Follower who was real with Katie and expressed my true feelings to her. Yes, my opinion and sharing my opinion with her would make her very angry, and every other Follower in her phone, in this case, and in her anxiety room, would have to hear about how badly some horrible person just treated her. You can see from the previous pictures that there were people who did not appreciate her tantrums, either.

I love Katie's allegations about the marijuana. I have never lied, hid, or tried to act like I didn't smoke. Yes, Jamie would be in severe pain from her back injury. Yes, sometimes, I had access  to some good green and offered to smoke with her, in an effort to help her with pain relief (I mean I did just live around the country corner, the place where I was living off and on for 14 years, where Michael and his wife have lived for several years. I never claimed to be Jamie's neighbor for all those didn't even know she existed before this!) Jamie never accepted my offer, because she is on bond and was worried they could drug test her at any time. She also said in a previous message that she did not do any drugs or drink alcohol.

Katie wants to talk about how her weed problem and anxiety issues were because of me? I hardly think so. I am sorry she can't handle me telling her, "Katie, I am busy and don't have time for this crap today." That makes ME abusive??? If I ever told her that (which I did), it would result in a major rage of anger with her. 

This is a copy of the story Katie had drawn up, and she copied and pasted this to me on Facebook. She asked me what I thought about her story. She said the would be using this to help other victims. Clearly, this statement shows she already had an ongoing addiction to marijuana, long before she ever met me. This statement also shows how clearly "off the charts" her anxiety level could be. I used to tell Katie to pick her battles more wisely. Getting mad and threatening to cut yourself because your mom called you fat is just ridiculous. Get some help. I am not a trained psychiatrist, and yes, it made me angry plenty of times. There were a few times I would vent to one of the Followers about Katie on a particular day. If I had to deal with her, chances are, they had dealt with her, too. 

By this point, we were all tired of dealing with Katie. It was not personal, or because we didn't like her. She was very needy and needed more than I was able to give her at that time. I had my own stressful issues taking place in life.

And later in the conversation, where Susie says someone needs to "slap her silly"...

When Katie changed her Facebook profile for the umpteenth time for the twenty-second anxiety episode on the forty-second day of knowing wouldn't even accept her Facebook friend requests anymore.

Katie is not emotionally stable enough to be defending Terpening. She is a victim, too, and easily misled. As I read previous statements, I become more frustrated because it is apparent that I was not allowed in for friendship. I was there to serve one purpose: to stick my neck out and look like an idiot, so when the heat finally rises on Michael and Jamie, they would have someone else to blame for the recant, someone else to take the fall for them, someone else to twist their actions around and blame them on someone else. Why do all that? Truth is, people lie. If they were just honest and took responsibility for their own faults, they would not be put out on display. 

Since turning away from the Followers, the true nature of these people have been revealed. I hope this post does not cause Katie to harm herself, but I believe it is best for the truth to be known to her, too. I worry what will happen to her if this case does not go the way she believes it will. For Michael to go down COULD be the demise of Katie. 

Frankly, I am more worried about her health and well-being because of how all of this could go down. Do I hope, secretly, that she will get mad at the Followers for the back-stabbers they are? Sure, I do. Do I hope, secretly, that she will contact me for the other 50 pictures of conversations I have had with Susie about her? Sure, I do. If I had Katie's actual email address, would I send these files to her? Sure, I would. 

Why? Because she can handle losing a friend more than her idol, Michael Terpening. 

For those interested in how I truly abused Katie, check this comments were direct, maybe too aggressive, but not deliberately meant to be abusive. Katie tied up a lot of my time. I finally reached a boiling point with her, not because I didn't like her, but because I just did not have the time for her.

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