Monday, April 16, 2012

Sexual Abuse in the Foster Care System

"Child sexual abuse victims are in the foster care system to seek safety, yet once there many are sexually abused by those in positions of trust."

I recently opened a Facebook group to open a forum for sexual abuse victims to come and find support, help, and resources. One thing I decided to do was to find a Web site, each day, and post it.

The first site I came across addressed behavioral issues in children and adult victims in the foster care system. It was called Sex Abuse in the Foster Care System

One thing that is noted in this site is that the abuse is widely unreported. The real question is why? I mean, we see stories on the news that make us shake our head and say to ourselves, "Wow, this is really becoming a problem." Seriously? Becoming? This has been a problem since the beginning of time. 

What is becoming a sad REALITY is that people in authority are also getting caught and convicted of sexual crimes. People, who are employed as teachers, athletic coaches, school bus drivers, foster care workers, foster parents, pastors, priests, and sadly enough, even the parents and step-parents, are raping, molesting, and victimizing our youth. Lately, I am seeing stories about are not just wrong, but sadly sadistic. 

My other blog has a sick, but fascinating story, about what a teacher subjected unsuspecting children to. He had been a teacher for years. Go check out Keep an Eye on Your Kids for that information. 

Yeah, I might have been premature sticking up for Michael Terpening, but I discovered a large amount of information regarding the problems that are happening in the foster care system and family courts. There are many sad stories about victims who have been abused by people entrusted to care for them. Many have been removed from homes of people who 1) may not be the cleanest 2) might be struggling financially 3) might have spanked their defiant and belligerent child with a belt on the rear-end 4) had parents that truly loved their kids and lost them to allegations. 

I do not believe all CPS departments are corrupt. But, there is definitely a large amount of foster children still facing abuse in some placements. The abuse that is inflicted upon them could be much worse than the accusations made against the biological parents. 

Could this be the case with Terpening? I have physically seen the locations of the House Next Door, the farm, and know how far out of town it is. I believe the environment and original business plan, itself, was a great idea. As previously stated on other, there are other youths that were placed at the facility who proclaim his innocence. 

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