Thursday, April 5, 2012

Evidence in this Case

I received multiple emails from Susie that included confidential reports regarding the first degree victim. I have read these reports thoroughly, as well as reports that have been posted to the site. 

I was also in the courtroom attending the preliminary examination against Terpening in this case. I did notice the victim showed little emotion, except nervousness. I did not see evidence in this victim of fear, anger, of sadness as a result of his alleged experiences with Terpening. His allegations were made from experiences that happened ten to twelve years ago. 

Later, Susie received a copy of a disc that contained the interview between the first degree victim and the prosecutor and one detective. This interview information is gagged by the courts, and I will not violate that gag. But, I heard it. How did Susie get it? I asked her, and she would not tell me. I did listen to the CD with my ear buds plugged into her computer, so others would not hear the information. The CD lasted approximately 80 minutes. 

I also received an email that contained a seven-page letter that was written by one of the victim's adoptive mothers, who later annulled the adoption and moved out of state. I will not share more than that, but this also led to question the previous actions of this Resident A and his credibility. 

Did the guys really make all this up just to get out of the home? Rodney admitted to me to becoming angry because he could not see his then significant other, and that was one reason why he made the original allegations. That he and the other victim, Resident A, made it up to get out. He showed remorse and said he did not mean for it to get out of hand and did not want to see Terpening's kids lose their father. 

For the record, the transcripts on Resident A also went public recently. The story I was told was that the night the allegations happen, Resident A ran away and hid out, and that later Terpening found him and brought him back to the facility. I never bothered to take the time to wonder how Terpening found him in the first place.

Until the transcripts went live. Resident A's testimony reveals his side of what happened that night. His statements allege that Terpening instructed him to run away, but to return within a certain amount of time. When he returned, he was to hide out, while Michael handled business at Earth Services. Michael did find him where he told him to go. Read the transcripts to see what allegedly happened then.

Rodney has also revealed to me that Terpening bailed him out of jail once when he got into some legal trouble. Michael also told me the same thing, saying, "I felt bad for Rodney and did not want to see him in jail." Michael told me he paid for Rodney's bond with his own personal money.

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