Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pressured to Help Rodney

My relationship with Rodney developed over time. He called me frequently and had no problem holding back about his actions. He was using drugs and was struggling emotionally. Rodney like to tell fibs to get people's attention. 

For example, one night, Jamie Moore Bell contacted me and was concerned because Rodney had contacted her saying he had been shot in a bad drug deal. I thought this was odd because I had just spoken to Rodney a few hours earlier. I know how exaggerating he could be and wondered why he had not called me. So, I hung up with Jamie and called Reigh. I confronted him about the shooting. He laughed and was very passive about the story, giving me few details. I questioned him a few times, which he answered dishonestly, so I could tell he was playing some type of game with Jamie. 

Keep in mind that Rodney was still recanting his original allegation at this point and time.

Another night, I received a phone call from Rodney that he wanted to end his life. He had lost all hope for living and did not care about himself. He was not eating properly and was using drugs on a daily basis. My heart went out to Reigh. We spent quite a bit of time together, on a personal level. I have had to do a suicide intervention on Reigh, and really all he needed was people to care. 

He was feeling pressured by the case, but continued to lie. 

I finally bought my house. I had been pressured by Terpening and Jamie Moore Bell to try and help Reigh get off the streets. Conversations between me and the friend Reigh was then living with supported Reigh to continue living where he was. It was not long before war broke out between Reigh and them, and he was homeless again.

Against my better judgement, I went and picked up Reigh. I brought him home and went and retrieved his belongings a few days later. I was worried that allowing him to live with me would cause problems and I would be accused of witness tampering or manipulation. I did not bring Reigh in because of Terpening's request. It was an arrangement made between Reigh and I based on our newly formed friendship. 

Reigh stuck close to me and decided to get clean. He detoxed and spent a lot of time sleeping and eventually began to eat again. I expected there could be a lot of drama having Reigh live with me, but surprisingly, he settled down. To date, Reigh has not brought any intentional drama into my home and has had great respect towards me and my children. Little by little, Reigh began to realize that I was not so close minded that he could not talk to me and be honest with me. 

It wasn't long, and Reigh began to speak...the first revealing thing he told me was that he had been speaking to the owner of the site. That was odd because this man has made it a goal to bring as much evidence as he can to the knowledge of the public.

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