Thursday, April 5, 2012

Susie, writer and privileged investigator

"Everything that Michael get from his attorney, I also get."

Susie is close friends with Jamie Moore Bell. I also met Susie for the first time when I rode with her and Jamie to videotape the recant video.  

During the car ride to pick up Rodney, Susie revealed to me that she was a freelance writer for HubPages. I also write for HubPages. As it turns out, she was one of my favorite hubbers and had a high hub score. I had read a few of her articles and enjoyed what she wrote.

Susie plays a significant role in this story. She had a large portion of evidence in her possession. Many times, I would get a bad feeling about something I heard about Michael in the news, and I would call her. She would read evidence or statements to me that helped reassure his innocence. 

I asked Susie once if she had ever had any doubts in Terpening's innocence, and she said she had. She also said that when she reviews the reports and evidence, she did not see how it could be possible. I honestly see how she can stand in that position of thinking if she has not read the transcripts from the 9/12/11 preliminary hearing from this case yet, as they were not yet available to the public.

I do not believe Susie would purposely support a possible sexual predator, but years of friendship with Jamie has her filling a seat of loyalty towards the family. She has also put her name and reputation on the line to help support Terpening. She has evidence that has not been posted online and has emailed it to me. I have never shared that evidence with anyone, as it has direct information regarding the first degree victim. To me, that information is confidential, and I will not share it either. 

I will, however, post the screen shots in the near future of one of the email interactions regarding these documents. As you can see, reports have been emailed from Terpening's lawyers to Terpening, who then forwards the information to Susie, who then emailed some information to me. 

Included in saved emails is evidence, such as the full felony report on Terpening, also involving the first degree case. 

I once thought Susie was an honest person, and it surprises me that she later lied about the fact that Reigh and I showed up at the St. Patrick's Day party uninvited. (I will elaborate on this in an upcoming post). People think that we were stalking him just to set him up. That is not true. As a matter of fact, I made contact with Michael and Jamie prior to that party. Susie was also contacted prior to the party and knew I had Reigh with me (he had moved in with me two days prior to this). She gave me permission to go ahead and bring him to the party, as well as two minor children.

I have the pictures of the emails and how I got the evidence. I was asked to take them down until they are approved because they could be key for the trial. 

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