Friday, April 13, 2012

The Followers Don't Know When to Quit Destroying People

I woke up this morning to an email from my mentor, Mr. Miyagi, informing me that the Followers had found some free time to come up with a blog in retaliation to mine. I find great humor in the elaborate lengths they take to twist around things to place the fault on me. 

And, for the record, I have only just begun this blog. Probably, before long, I will support the victim's decision more, in his request to start talking on a regular .com site. Remember, I have to still deal with the Attorney General. If I am out of line, I have to answer to her. 

For one, the transcripts are out and have been publicized. I did not offer my assistance until December 31. 2011. so much of what I have written about are what is in the evidence that happened before I came along and my personal dealings with them and my role in this, as well. I do not want people asking questions later. I have nothing to hide. I post a link to a Web site that provides the legal transcripts to the earlier (closed) court hearing, involving the original victims and witnesses. 

I am guilty. I wrote many things in support of Michael Terpening's innocence, things that should never have been written. I have been criticized for my role in this prior to Michael's bond violation and everything that happened. 

Think about it, everyone in support of Terpening are going to BELIEVE that the taboo site, ran by Rob D., is infested with viruses, just because Terpening says so. OF COURSE he doesn't want anyone going there because it has the cold, hard facts about Earth Services. Terpening and his Followers only want people to see what they want people to see, the reports that blindly, and ultimately, supported his little "set up" for youth males. 

OF COURSE, Rodney recanted. OF COURSE, "Buddy" changed his story. Look at the way that the Followers talk about people, some who are not related to this case in any way? What does an ex-husband of mine have to do with anything? What does slandering someone for something that is not on record, that could very well have been "hearsay" about something that supposedly happened 40 years ago?

Out of respect for the Followers, I have limited much of what I have said based on what is relevant to this case. Whether it helps Michael's "innocence" or (haha) Jamie's "innocence", they are going to make it appear to be so, when legal evidence suggests otherwise. 

I have hid nothing and revealed little. There has been no reason to stoop to the Follower's level of exposing "all I know about them", just to discredit their lies. I felt some things I know about them (things we spoke about on friendship and confidential levels) meant something, but apparently it doesn't. 

For the record, Ms. Katie, Markie is my ex-stepson, whose mother has been gone since he was 7. Did I stay in his life after the divorce from his father? Sure, I did, some, and his sister's, too. Were you and Markie the same age? Sure. Did I introduce the two of you? Sure. And with that being said, I will leave the Markie thing alone for now. Just remember, I saw both sides of the messages between you two, including the pictures that were exchanged. Don't expose stuff you, yourself, do not want exposed. Because that information is irrelevant to Terpening's case. 

It does, however, show more of the types of people he does have surrounding him and his family, people with abusive natures. I haven't went so far as to send Ms. Rucinski screen shots about all that has been said about her by the Followers, or what they truly think of having to deal with her on this case. Problem is, they don't have much else now. That is why they keep her around. Yes, Michael still has people "hoping" he turns out to be innocent, but he has lost a large amount of his support. 

With computers, you can't get rid of evidence. I'm not stupid, I never erase anything.

I cannot wait until Monday...appointment with the attorney. We shall see if the "ex-husband" comment has been removed or not. Katie does not have any money to sue over. But, she lives at her parents' house, and I am sure most of these comments are being made from the confinements of their home. I bet contact with her parents would likely result in a normal, childlike punishment she often receives? Password protect the computer, she will not have as much to say. Ground her from her cell phone? She would have to walk all the way to Mooville at 5:30 A.M., just to catch the transit to the local library to blog. I mean, she does that already AND will sit at McDonald's for 6 hours to catch the transit back to Mooville, just not to miss a motion hearing for Michael, just to support an ALLEGED sexual offender. She IS his biggest fan. (Why wouldn't she adore him? She is a female...)

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