Friday, April 13, 2012

I Will Hear About This Later!

Alpha (posting as sweetsusieg) is right. I have made abusive and rude comments. I have been called out by Rob D. and other commentators on his site, not just for being blind to the truth, but for also the online harassment and abuse I subjected others to. 

I still get a lot of grief from Rob because he obviously understands what dealing with kids in the foster care setting is all about. He is not concerned with anything except seeing that wrong situations be made right for the victims. 

Please, I WISH we had time to talk about Jamie shopping at Goodwill. Did you know, I have an awesome kitchen table that I bought from there for $8? Not to mention, I love to shop for clothes there, as well as my kids. They love going in with a hundred bucks and coming out with a cart full of stuff. I even ran into Jamie at Goodwill once. I was looking at necklaces, and there were a couple that were black onyx. She made a comment about liking black onyx, and the necklace was only a few dollars. I did end up buying it for her, with the intent of giving it to her, but all this hell broke loose before I had a chance to see her again. 

I learned by trial and error who will turn and who will not turn, who is real, and who is not real. Katie? She will say whatever anyone wants to hear, just to get an ounce of love. She will be the first one to talk about someone, then tell you not to talk about it. Seriously? If you don't want it talked about, don't talk about it at all.  Funny, we all tried to be nice to Katie, because she is so immature and child-like, and because Michael insisted. Honestly, she is a nice girl. And I agree with Susie and Jamie...she is definitely NEEDY. I did not know that defending Michael would turn into a full-time job as a child psychologist to keep her from slashing her own wrists. Her neediness did stress me out and we bumped heads a couple times over it. Only reason she's more manageable now is not because I have left the cult, but because neither Jamie nor Susie are real or honest enough to tell Katie, to her face, the things they say behind her back. 

I stupidly and blindly listened to what people wanted me to hear. The fact is, there is proof here, now, between Michael and I, personally, that proves different from the lies he was trying to defend since the beginning of the case. Until a few days before his arrest, I was supporting a recant that obviously, 1) is a lie, and 2) is irrelevant in this case. Someday, after the AG is done analyzing and using the phone call between Michael and I, the ONLY one I ever recorded, maybe I will play it online...we'll see...but it proves how many times he lied to me.

See, what is really funny in this entire story is that no one had access to the transcripts until recently. This warring between the Followers and me is irrelevant. They can seek revenge through the same government agency they are slandering. The case is going to lay where it is supposed to. This is a stupid and deep game played by Michael Terpening, and I am sorry to say it, the Followers are also getting played by the same man. 

Not Jamie, not Susie, not Katie (yeah, go read for a while Katie, I promise you will NOT catch a virus, if anything, you will be free of one) can take an objective stance and free themselves of this drama. This has to be all about Alpha, no matter what the evidence and transcripts suggest otherwise...oops, did I just say evidence? My bad...didn't mean to let THAT slip out just yet.

Hmm, let's see. So, from the beginning of the case, I have been on a mission to take down Michael? A man I did not know? A man I also respected enough to stick my neck out and look like a fool for? A man I respected enough to go as far as to help a kid who was STILL saying, at the time, that the recant was true? 

That is why I am speaking up. Party or no party, he was still supposed to change his address. Is that my fault that the truth (which I have proof of quite a bit of what I say, would you like me to start backing ALL of my words?) got Michael arrested? Or is it my fault? I called Susie, the night of the party, only 10 minutes before I got there? Should I go back and check my Facebook post for that night? See what time it actually was? Hmm, let me get that time, I will be right back.

Unfortunately, I was unable to retrieve the time. But, Dowling is a good half hour out of town. I would not have made plans to go to Susie's party if we had not all had it planned out hours in advance. I am not driving all the way to Dowling to crash ANY Also, I went to Horrock's and selected all my garden seeds, which took an hour to do by itself. Plus, another half hour just for driving time? Susie knew at least a couple hours in advance that we were coming that night.

Do I get sick pleasure out of torturing Katie? I think we should turn that around. Does Katie get sick pleasure out of torturing us? We shall see...moving onto the Katie drama. I really did not want to have to go here, but it looks like the Followers have turned TRUTH and FACTS into a new game called, "War of the Blogs." 


  1. OMG have you seen how skinny she has gotten???

    1. No, I never paid much attention to that. Must be from the wonderful friendships she has formed with Jamie and Susie. I have about 40 pictures to send to Katie if I could get my hands on her email And apparently, because she has met me a few times in life and talked to me some online, that I had all the power to create her cutting herself, her suicide threats, and all the other daily stuff we had to deal with from her. I was trying to leave Katie out of my posts, for the most part, because of her fragile mental state, just like I and the other Followers would set our chats to invisible so we could actually go on Facebook without the Chipmonk attacks! Don't let her fool you. Add abuse to unstable, and that's a real time bomb going off for days right there! (Her mama was calling her fat right before we quit talking, which upset her terribly. Might have something to do with it.) She makes her claims against me because I was the ONLY Follower to be honest with her about how much she was irritating us with her childishness and drama. She didn't like it, and I have been blocked ever since. Lol...I don't erase anything, either. ;) lol...onto the next blog. This one will have some pictures, so it might take me a minute to pull it together for ya!!

  2. I could try to find her email address.. do you have any profile names to look under?

    1. Thanks Anonymous. In hindsight, I never have time to clean out my emails, except for my "junk mail". I keep everything. I have been going through our previous FB messages. I quit keeping track when she officially named herself with "Terpening Follower" after her legal name...if it wasn't that, it always had "Troubled" in it...Troubled Bigheart, Troubled Chipmonk, etc...

  3. I have looked under both names and I find nothing. Do you think she fell off the face of the earth???

  4. Highly unlikely. She knows the transcripts are out and has chosen NOT to read them. Seriously? OK, well, the transcripts may not be the jury, but they are the words of the victims, which will be allowed to be said to the jury in the future...the NEAR future. Read the transcripts, get all your info, then decide to defend or not. I say not.


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