Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Happens in the Mind of a Sex Offender?

This post is not directed at Michael Terpening in any way, but it is linked to another site, which is where I found it. I figure, based on the topic of this blog, this might be appropriate and insightful information to share to others. I do believe education and speaking about facts is part of what is needed to help break the cycle of sexual abuse. 

What goes on in the mind of a sex offender

I will summarize what I read:

  • Offenders believe they are "unique" or different from others, to the point of thinking that they are above the law and that the rules do not apply to them.
  • There is no remorse. Offenders do not take responsibility for their actions, instead they misplace blame or justify their actions.
  • The sexual offender puts others down to make himself feel superior.
  • Offender manipulate others by playing on their emotions or by causing fights or drama between people. They will feign "interest" in your well-being and will show pretend "genuine" concern (oxymoron?).
  • Sexual offenders can keep their behavior separate from their real life. For example, the offender has a preference of some type?
  • Shows little concern for their own actions and will downplay them.
  • Offenders will appear to be "helpless" or will "act persecuted" in order to continue manipulating victims to side with them. 
  • They play the "victim" role well.
  • Offenders enjoy watching others get upset. They appear to crave that type of drama.
  • Attitudes of self-righteousness and think they are right all the time. They perceive themselves as superior to others.
  • Sexual offenders are extremely possessive and treats others as possessions or objects.
Interesting information right there...

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