Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Is Reigh Doing Today?

After all is said and done, what is left? These young men who are trying to get their lives back together.

Despite all that has allegedly happened, Rodney really loved Jamie. Even when he was at his angriest, he still loves her. I do know that he is in a situation that no person should ever have to be in. To stand up and do something you feel is right, yet knowing it will cost you important relationships, that is difficult. 

How is Reigh doing today? It still depends on the day. Some days are easier than others for him. He has been clean since he has moved in with me and has been spending a great deal of time at the library. He has been job hunting and has an interview tomorrow. Hooray! He also has orientation this Friday for another job.

Reigh smiles a lot more than he did when I first knew him. He has cleaned up his language immensely and has been going to recovery meetings for addictions, support groups, and is working on getting back into school. He is learning that he is not here by accident, and that there are people who do truly care about him. He has also learned that there is more support in words than he thought.

It was a beautiful day when a phone call came in saying there was a delivery coming to my house and that we needed to be there for it. An amazing woman showed up with a truck and a matching set of bikes so Reigh could get around town easier, and I guess just so I would have one to ride. That came a week after a nice set of ear buds arrived in the mail for Reigh. Delivery #3 is in the works, but no one tells me anything except to be there to accept the delivery. These gifts have definitely been an uplifting thing for Reigh. It's the simple things in life that matter.


  1. Some of us really do not give a rats ass how reigh is doing. He is a dirty ass liar. Hope he can burn in hell one of these days.

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  3. Maybe if yo would stop attacking people you would not have to worry about that. Did ya know naking false allegations aginst someone is a crime? I am not with the terpening supporters but I follow everyone of there moves. I have no idea if Michael is innocent. That is not my decision to make. That is up to the jury to make. I have one question for you. What are you going to do if Michael turns out innocent and you have to face it that you have been lied to?

  4. Honestly? If I had my choice, I would want all this to be false charges because I don't wish these types of crimes on anyone. Fact is, I have already been lied to. Also, fact is, I have to also be aware that there is a great deal of evidence, enough to show that this is not just misconduct on the prosecutor's part. Fact is, people seem to forget, that in any case, the victims come first. Shame on the people who are trying to ruin these kids' lives with the backlash. What kind of irreparable damage is that causing if MT is guilty?? Does anyone care about the kids? Of course not!!!

  5. My son to is a victim of mt and like reigh dealing with everday life is a challenge. I fully support sll the young men who were victimized by mt. They are all courageous for coming foward so mt cant victimize any other boys..

  6. Thank you Anonymous. I am sorry that this case has gotten so out of control that people have to conceal their true identities to remain safe. The victims are not the only ones suffering. These allegations have a widespread effect on so many people's lives. I am grateful you feel you can speak out. Feel free to vent here. I welcome the real truth. I am sorry for what this has done to you and your son. Fighting for the truth and standing up for your son will help him in the days to come. He has so many people in his corner, the group has become quite large.

  7. And to the Anonymous poster who talked on May 3, what are you babbling about? You sent CPS to my house, which went nowhere. You can act dumb, but the 2 reasons why they showed up were the exact 2 reasons Katie gave a week prior in a FB message, trying to make me look bad. Seriously, come up with information I actually HIDE from No water? Why, because I had just bought the house, wasn't moved in yet, and was replacing all the plumbing in the basement? Yeah, sounds like a terrible mother to

    Why are you talking? Feeling guilty? Oh wait, you are a guilty feelings there.


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