Thursday, May 24, 2012

Motion Hearing on May 23

Well, I haven't been updating my blog as of recently because as soon as I published it and the Followers figured it out, they had to come up with blogs of their own, and it became the "Battle of the Blogs" for a minute. Not to mention, things have been kind of quiet at the courthouse recently, and there hasn't been much to talk about.

I got on here today and found a couple messages from someone asking me to continue writing as they have been following my blog. 

Yesterday, there was a motion hearing, and Terpening is attempting to have his charges dropped because of "prosecutorial misconduct". Reigh was subpoenaed to testify, so I gave him a ride and accompanied him into the courthouse. I waited in a private room while he gave his statement to the courts. They only managed to cover 6 of the 14 points they wanted to cover, so court has been rescheduled for June 18, and once again, the trial has been pushed back.

What a farce. In my opinion, there is little chance those charges will get dropped with all the charges he is facing and the nature of those charges. Even if there was misconduct by the prosecuting attorney, the Attorney General took over the case, so I do not see how that allegation is going to fly. Terpening knows the truth, despite what he tells people, and I am pretty sure he is grasping at straws right now. 

I mean, think about it. Why? This crazy motion hearing is going to take so long, they have to finish it at a later date? Is it a stall tactic? This just bought him another month, at least, before the trial starts and he is sentenced for his "alleged" crimes. In my opinion, that is an entire extra month before he faces possible imprisonment. I would imagine he is going to try every single stall tactic he can muster to prolong the inevitable.

But, will he win? I doubt it. I read the transcripts, and the similarities in the stories are eerily similar for victims who do not know each other, aside from the original two victims. Then, the 2003 transcripts became viral, and reading those transcripts is no different than reading the current transcripts. The transcripts regarding the 1st degree victim are not yet available for review; however, I was in the preliminary examination for that case. 

Even if Terpening does get lucky and gets the original charges thrown out, he still has to face the trial for the 1st degree CSC, and that charge, by itself, can carry life in prison for him. 

And let's not forget all the hype that Terpening and his coven of Followers have created in this case. How long do they think it is going to take for the courts to become tired of them showing their butts while they stick their heads in the sand? I understand supporting and being there for someone they care about. But to destroy other people's lives in the process, just because they don't get their way, is an entirely different story. 

Fact is, when you turn away from the Terpening group, you will face retaliation. You will face revenge. You will face them coming after you and bribing you to change your story (look what they did to Reigh). Not to mention, the truck Terpening allegedly promised the victim in 2003 for dropping the charges against him, but did not deliver? What a cruel way to get out of those charges. 

Is that why his side has gotten so quiet? How can anyone read the evidence and still think this is government corruption. I mean, we all know there is corruption in the system, but Barry County is not that big or that smart to cause this "alleged" conspiracy.

FACT. The state troopers knew all along but could do nothing because Terpening slipped through the cracks. All these years, having to answer calls to Earth Services and being able to do nothing, knowing what he is. They knew this would catch up to Terpening someday. 

Today is that someday. I am not going anywhere. I will continue to support Reigh and help him. He has a family to call his own here, no matter where he is and no matter how he is doing. He is loved, and he knows it. He finally has someone who doesn't want him for something he has to offer or give. That fact makes things even harder for him because he is so accustomed to being used and hurt by people. 

With that being said, it's time to take two of my kids to work. Thank goodness they have to be to work at similar times and work a half mile away from each other.

Until next time...

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