Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Moving On

There is still a lot of life left to live for the rest of us. Contrary to popular beliefs, Reigh does not have it "easy". He has to be accountable for his actions, as well as myself. He has chores to do. He's not allowed to sleep all day, he has to job hunt, go to therapy, work with his caseworker to be reestablished in the system, and stay clean. In spite of all this, there is one major thing that Reigh has gained, as a result of this last month: HOPE. Hope for a future and a better life. Hope that there is more to life than just death.

I have made many mistakes in the time spent on this case with Terpening. I defended lies, for one thing. Those lies do not concern Jamie, Susie, or Katie, as the conversations happened between Michael and I and could be revealed in court, depending on what they decide.

I took part in a masquerade and attacked innocent people. As it turns out, these people and others behind the scenes had contrary opinions about Michael's innocence for a reason. People have had to post under anonymous names and post in this manner for a couple reasons 1) They were afraid of the backlash and assault that wouls happen if they revealed their true identities. 2) They want to act like morons and post behind pseudo-names so as to not have their words and behaviors be Googled under their real names.

I will not war and blog forever. I have a life, college to finish up, and a business to start. That really leaves me with little time for the riff raff from the Followers. 

I am expecting several upcoming posts to appear about me in the near future by the Followers. They hate me. They think I am not worthy of forgiveness from the Terpening family. Whatever? LOL. As I have said before, I have a wonderful circle of friends who have been there for years. I do not like lies, and I know that I have to be accountable for my actions. 

Hence, why Reigh and I are in recovery, and smoke-free for almost a month. Yes, AA was a direct part of my daily life for 8 years, but I let personal reasons drive me out of the program a few years back. Has it had a direct affect on my life? Sure! I backslid, started smoking weed again, and even had "a drink or two" on rare occasions. 

I knew, though, that at some point in life, I was going to have to go back home to the program if I ever wanted to experience true sobriety again. I guess it took a kid named Reigh and a great mentor who has given me a hard shove back through that door. What is wonderful, though, is going back to the same familiar faces and hearing, "It's great to see you, keep coming back."

Also, contrary to popular belief, the person I once called "stalker", the same man that the Followers lovingly refer to as Ralphie, is really not who I thought he was. He, as well as many, have questioned the oddities and bizarre behaviors in this case. He has donated quite a bit of time to this case and has brought much evidence to light. True, cold, hard facts. Not just words.

Rob is not my conspirator, my go between, and the fact is, aside from fighting in a few emails over things he had posted, the only time I had spoken to him prior to Reigh revealing the possible truth (that the recant was a lie) was when he offered to pay for Reigh's attorney, way back when. Lol...as a matter of fact, he suggested I wait until I was calmer to make a decision on how to handle the new information revealed by Reigh.

But, sorry, that's like poison in your veins. I can't have that on my chest. No way. I made the decision to disclose what Reigh said to investigators on my own, not because I was directed to. 

In hindsight, Rob has been a huge help with his legal perspectives and knowledge about troubled youth, especially those with sexual abuse histories. He has no problem blowing up my phone at 9 A.M. to make sure Reigh and I are awake to get to meetings or to go "do this or that". You cannot "bullshit" this man. He does not take kindly to "excuses and justifications". He would, honestly, make one of the most hard core AA/NA sponsors in America. 

So, now what? Lol...that part is easy. Find jobs, start my business, finish the work on my house, graduate college, and eventually, finish this trial, and know that no matter how many haters I have, as a result of this, that I will be able to move on with a clear conscience. I'm not worried about haters. I am worried about children being molested by predators. 

I mean, that is what this case is about, right?


  1. Are you going to keep this blog updated or are you posting somewhere else. The victims are number one for me and I would like to know about everything going on. I think you are a good writter and I would like to follow your writtings.

  2. Are you going to keep this blog updated or are you blogging somewhere else? I have been following your blogs and I feel like the victims are number one here.


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