Saturday, April 14, 2012

This is not a Vendetta

Some people seem to thing this was a setup all I could have lived without the smell of horse manure. I could have lived without risking jail time myself. That $200 that went on Jamie's attorney bill would sure come in handy for the veterinarian bill I just had to pay for my son's puppy.  

This whole case makes me sick to my stomach. This case was not brought on by me. I did not make the witness' statements. I did not call the police. I did not victimize foster care children. I did not try to "pull one over on the insurance company" to get out of getting my vehicle damage covered. I am not the one who bought the bundle of houses in Emmett Township and then moved into one without changing my address with the courts. I am not the one who forced Michael to stay at a party that he SHOULD have turned around and walked out of. I am not the one who lied to my friends and family, as they tried to prove my "innocence" throughout.

People in Michael's family can continue to call names and make "BIG BUTTS" of themselves. They seem to think I have nothing more to do in life than to write for Michael, defend him, play the stalking games on others who are just wanting to know the truth, and just plain tear apart people's lives. Funny thing is, they are making assumptions and talking "smack" and playing guessing games with the people who are anonymously commenting to them. Jamie is more concerned with who she "thinks" Lisbeth (revenge again?) and confirming the massage reports (with justifications and excuses). 

Her expression shows that all this acting up is a front. The actions of the Followers has not even been about innocence in awhile. It is about who they can "get" next. Oh, because I smoked weed, that means I have no credibility, whatsoever, so I am incapable of telling the truth. (Let's not forget that I testified, under oath, that I was smoking weed, at which point the judge also sustained an objection made by the Attorney General when Eldred thought he would ask if I ever smoked with the victim). 

Little does the Followers know, the deal I made with myself when I made the choice to buy a house...

So, yup. I am guilty of taking a minor to a party at Susie's house, where there were minor children and alcohol present, which was served to Reigh by the homeowner herself. Reigh never told her he was 21 because it was never asked. Everyone already knew how old Reigh actually was. DUH! They are the ones who told me! lol...

I have no reason to setup Michael or to have a vendetta against him. Seriously, he is not the first lying man on this planet. But, other than lie, Michael has never done anything to me for me to just "wish this up" against him for no reason. It is not an act of revenge. As long as the victim continues to talk, I must continue to support him.

I know that the Followers are going to continue badmouthing Reigh as much as they can, just to make him look like a nobody. I mean, that IS what they talked about him behind his back. Susie and Jamie dodged many calls and text messages from Reigh because they did not want to be bothered by him, just as they did with Katie. 

Once Reigh was made aware of those truths for what they truly are, he has had no problem with feeling loyalty towards Jamie. The only thing that bothers him is knowing how those eight, beautiful children are hurting. 

But, what is best for those kids? Not losing a father who obviously needs to be investigated? Or getting on with their lives now, with security that maybe they won't be the next ones having to testify against Terpening? 

Victimize him, then tear him down and victimize him some more, just to get away with your own selfish desires. It's too hard to be sorry, show remorse, and try to make things right. Keep lying and covering up. People are starting to see through it.

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