Monday, April 16, 2012

My Mama Always Said...

"Life is like a box of chocolates..."

Oh wait, that was Forrest Gump's mom.

OK, here it is:

"If you don't want to do the time, don't commit the crime."

There, I think that is correct. And, it is a true statement. True, I was unaware of what the heck I was getting myself into when I handed Jamie that book. But, I have learned a lot on this "adventure?" I dare call it that? 

Some previously published posts were saved in draft for awhile because I was not out to hurt certain people. To this day, I still do not dislike Katie. I have not posted nearly everything about her, nor will I, because I am not out to hurt her. 

But, if people are going to lie, and push off their issues and problems and blame them on other UNDESERVING people, then the truth SHOULD be revealed. When people who have absolutely nothing to do with this case have to be dragged into a situation that was made clear, in the beginning, that they did not want to be involved in, yet their life history is being revealed. Names or no names, it should not happen. 

Only reason I posted the tiny, minute amount of screen shots (let's not talk about what all is really there), I do that as proof. Yeah, Katie irritated me a lot. I never hid that. Did I hate her? No, I felt sorry for her. But, how can you help someone who is not ready to be helped? By choice? 

Katie had a lot to say to me. She brought up the weed and plumbing in my house on Facebook (a house under renovations, mind you) and a few days later, CPS shows up at my house for those same exact two reasons? Seriously? Yeah, I bought a house, cash, so I wouldn't have to deal with landlords and rent anymore. Yeah, it needs subfloors and needs some work. So then I have to actually take CPS into the home of the friends house I am staying at and let them look around there. People who are already approved to do foster care and have been doing so for over 30 years. An elderly woman who has raised over 300 foster children, just lost her husband, has had several surgeries herself, who I share the work of taking care of, who lives with her son in a Habitat house that has been approved by the city as up to code (5 bedrooms at that!).

People post under their full legal names and then cry and whine about their names being used? My name is being used. At least I don't start calling cops and turning people in for illegal use of prescription medications, and the sale of them, as I could have to a certain person and their husband. I have seen all the past text messages. 

It's not about calling CPS, out of revenge, on Susie for the underage drinking and marijuana usage that went on at her home. I don't have to go all out on that stuff because I don't care.

Playing the revenge game is not what this is about. I am required to keep victims' names confidential, which I am doing. Reigh's voice is out by choice, and it is a good thing I am against publishing 75% of what I know at this time.

Somewhere in all of this, the Followers seem to forget who this case is really about. It is not about Katie, who literally changed her Facebook last name to Terpening Follower. She was proud when Rob D. finally categorized her as a Follower.

This is about whether or not Michael Terpening is innocent or guilty of the charges of molesting youth in his care, and previous youth in his family member's foster homes. Putting together all the details and combining facts (not just words of pro-Terpening Followers), this is a disturbing case. There is something seriously off about this whole story. 

My involvement in this mess has been severely scrutinized, not just by the Attorney General, but by Rob D. (believe me, I catch holy hell from him every day, too), but also by the victim living with me, my friends, my family. Have I quit smoking weed? Yes, I have. Are Reigh and I getting into AA/NA meetings? Yes, we are. This case has brought my issues out into the public light, which is also a warning sign that things in my own personal life have to change. getting rid of this riff raff...

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