Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Party at Susie's

Saturday, March 17, 2012, St. Patrick's Day, an open invite was made by Susie to her general friends. She was having a party. Enough socializing had happened between Susie, Michael, Jamie, and I, for me to be a large part of the in group. I had permission from Michael to go to his farm whenever I wanted, and I could also ride horses when I wanted. I only went riding once, thought, with Michael's sister's boyfriend, which will be coming back to later in this story. 

Reigh had just moved in with me a day prior to this party. I was concerned about the no-contact orders, and I was not letting Reigh stay alone at my house yet. That is something that had to be built up over time between Reigh and I (which, BTW, did not take long; Reigh's behavior has been incredible.), not to mention he was detoxing and did not want to be left alone.

I first called Susie and asked her who all would be at the St. Patrick's Day party at her house. I explained to her I had Reigh with me, everyone knew he had moved in with me. She had no issues with Reigh and was always friendly towards him. She told me she had no problem with me bringing Reigh, but was unsure whether or not Michael or Jamie would be coming to the party. I informed her that I would find out, and that if it was an issue, we could leave the party so that Michael, his wife, and everyone else could enjoy themselves and relax without everyone being uncomfortable.

I then called Michael's cell phone, at which point his wife answered. I asked her if they were going to Susie's party. She said she was not sure because Michael had been working with the goats all day. I did not elaborate why I was asking and asked her to have Michael call me. I did not receive a return phone call.

Next, I called Jamie's phone and asked her if she was going to the party. She informed me she had been working on Michael's farm all day and was exhausted, so she wasn't sure. I told her Reigh would be at the party with me, she was aware of this.

Reigh and I arrived at the party at least an hour before Michael, Mrs. Terpening, Jamie Moore Bell, and Jerry Bell showed up. We were sitting there when Michael and Mrs. Terpening arrived. Michael and Reigh stayed apart from each other for the short time we continued to stay. There was a lot of tension in the air.

Shortly after his arrival, Michael went outside to start the bonfire. I was outside during this time. My two minor children were also there, as well as Susie's grandchildren, who were watching TV with their father in a back bedroom when Michael arrived. My children were speaking to Michael, who recruited them to help build the fire. Once the fire was lit, Michael stepped away and instructed my children to keep it going. 

That was all that was said between Michael and my children. Both of my boys have ADHD, so they did not stick around to work on the fire long. This was the only time Michael had met my children. I was aware of the no-contact order, but Michael had told me that it stated he could not be around minor children ALONE. I did not know the order stated he was not to be around children AT ALL. When my children quit working on the fire, I noticed that Michael began to get loud with my children and ordering them around. He told them they were not doing their job with the fire. What bothered me the most was 1) the authoritative and loud voice he used with my boys. I wondered, at that moment, what voice he used with the youths in Earth Services. 2) what right die he have to speak to my children that way, when he did not know them? 3) How docile and quiet Mrs. Terpening is, by the way, she LOVED my puppies, Valentine and Wiggles. She insisted on holding them for a few minutes as we were getting ready to leave.

I was still standing outside in the back yard with Michael and his wife. I must say, I really like her. I feel sorry for her and her situation. She is a wonderful mother and had big dreams, and they have flown right out the door. She is young and has 8 children she is trying to hang onto. My advice to her? GET AWAY while you can. She has more support on this end than she realizes, and I will swear to that on everything I own. The amount of support she has at her fingertips and does not realize yet is much larger than the small group of Terpening followers who are contributing to her future demise, if she does not break away from them all. I believe she is a victim, too...

We left the party, and had unanimously agreed between us that we would take no pictures, post no names or facts online. This party was supposed to remain hush hush. I also agreed to those conditions, as did Reigh. On our way out, we ran into Jamie Moore Bell and Jerry Bell, who had a beer in his hand. (violation of his bond conditions?)

Jamie hugged Reigh. They spoke for a moment, but we left immediately after. Reigh was pensive and quiet and said little the whole night. He clung close to me, and avoided Michael. I cannot explain the tension in the air that night. Something was seriously wrong in the air. If the recant is true, why was EVERYONE so uncomfortable?

We left the party around 9:30 and little more was said about anything that night...I did post that night on my FB that I was going to a get together in Dowling, but no names are mentioned. It is tagged with Reigh's name, as well as my children's. Here are the next day messages between Michael and I:

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