Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Will Mike Do Now?

Sources report that eight of the fourteen motions heard on May 23, 2012, were denied by the judge. The motion to dismiss based on "prosecutorial misconduct" was denied, and Terpening will be going to trial in August. I still do not know how he thought that would work because the Attorney General has been on the case for awhile now. 

Needless to say, this crazy motion hearing also caused the outcome of this case to be delayed. Is this a final act of desperation for Michael? Is it his alleged guilt in this crime that is causing him to have this hearing, in hopes of just postponing his trip to prison? This motion hearing bought him a couple more months, at least.

As the trial gets closer, more evidence and victims continue to appear. Each week, I hear more wonderful facts about this "wonderful child welfare leader" that everyone wants to blindly defend, except for Jamie Moore-Bell (I do not believe she is as innocent as she says, I mean she did help set up the "alleged" insurance fraud charge against her, and if she was responsible for "looking after Mike", she had to know something about what was going on.) What are these wonderful facts? It is not my place to share those "things that make you go hmmm". I would not be surprised if it takes another year, at least, to unravel all this information not even related to the current charges. 

With the pending trial approaching, what will Mike do? Plea bargain his sentence down? Cut his tether off and skip out of the country (if he can get it off)? End his life? Any of these options are a definite possibility as he has told me as much. 

What options will their children have when this over. With the parents' refusal to cooperate 100%, will all eight children be removed and split up? I have never heard of a family adopting that many children, just to keep them together. There must be some reason why Mrs. Terpening has not testified. Does her honest testimony help to slam that prison cell door? If I were her, I would be afraid for myself and my children until that door slams for good. 

The clock is ticking, and the end is drawing near. I hope that everyone involved in these heinous crimes are held accountable and made an example of, to show others what happens when you work in foster care and think that none of the rules and laws apply to you. 

And thanks to Terpening's case, our senator has helped a bill be approved that will make sexual involvement with foster children, who are of legal age of consent, against the law. So, if I have one positive thing to say about this is, "Thanks Terp. Your actions will make it harder for people like you to victimize any foster child in this state." This evilness brought one good positive change regarding the law. 

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