Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Abusers Do Not Take Responsibility, EVER

So, one of the points continually addressed is one method that abusers use to abuse others: surround yourself with other abusers, and let them do your dirty work for you.

Laura Adams, the Village Thinker, is a good choice for Michael Terpening. She is one who obviously enjoys abusing others and cannot see a problem with this. A huge stink was raised over her publishing the first, middle, and last name of two of the victims in Michael Terpening's alleged sex crime scandal. 

A couple months back, I subscribed to Adams' Facebook. An update at Rob's site upset her enough to rant on Facebook about her "stalker and his stalkerette" (me). 

And after everything, she cannot see anything wrong with taking the "word" of an alleged sexual predator and publishing it on two of her blogs, using two of the victims full legal names, resulting in a top Google search on one of them that was horrendous. Rob had been trying to get her to drop the victims' names for almost a year, with little luck. It took a surprise interview with Linda Linke, executive director of Community Inclusive Recreation, for the names to disappear, finally. Here is the unedited version of that interview...

Needless to say, Adams has not been happy with her stalker's actions to remove the victims' names, which she complains about on Facebook on Tuesday, 7/10/12. I happened to see it on my news feed and decided to comment back to her civilly. This is the ONLY time I have ever made contact with Adams on Facebook, but the following pictures do an effective job at showing the support Terpening has at his disposal.

After a few minutes of talking with Adams, she was sure to post this idle threat before she blocked me on Facebook. The police never did she up, as she never called them. I had places to be, so I called them myself to expedite the process; however, dispatch informed me no calls had been made about me. Not only does Adams help abusers by abusing others for them, but she is a liar, too. As much as she probably calls the police (they are her friends), she should know she had no legitimate complaint. 

(I really dislike the Google suggestion tool.) After this, Adams blocked me and proceeded to delete all the evidence from her Facebook, leaving this message for anyone who actually cares. Name calling and more abuse, which has become an obvious problem with Adams. 

Word to the wise, just because you block someone on Facebook does not mean they cannot still see what you say. It is very disappointing to know that abusing victims and others is an enjoyable pastime for Laura Adams, the Village Thinker.

For the record, Laura, your "stalkers" carry the same First Amendment rights that you do. 

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