Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thanks for the Compliment, Susie

So, this morning, I received information that I am being talked about AGAIN. This is nothing new, and as I have said before, if the Twerp clones are talking about me, that is less time they have to tear apart the victims in "The Terpening Sex Crime Scandal". I guess it was time to take a break from work and check it out for myself.

However, I was surprised to hear Susan Ward Gillihan refer to me as "intelligent". Lacking common sense, too, apparently, which sometimes, it is true. If I had all the common sense I needed, I would never have supported Terpening for a millisecond. But, for a few months, I did. I am also guilty of saying things and doing things that were inappropriate. And there is no excuse for it. Maybe that is why I didn't go away quietly. I feel I owed it to the victims and their families to make sure the truth is revealed, even if it makes me look bad.

Do I regret it? Absolutely not. There are too many stories in the news regarding foster children being victimized and molested by their foster parents. IF Michael is guilty of these crimes, that's one more person who cannot victimize more kids. 

The decision to turn away from the cult was easy; however, finding out I was lied to and having to walk away from certain people in this case was difficult, because of interactions between us from the earlier days. But, truthfully, I wouldn't change my decision for anything. 

The victims are the priority here, first and foremost. And, I applaud these men for coming forward and putting a wrench in a man's very sick and sadistic business of "foster care" (allegedly, let's not forget that word). I don't think Terpening took enough time to find out how strong these victims could be before he allegedly groomed them and forced and coerced them into acts that will affect their lives for years to come. The fact the victims have not folded under the abuse of Terpening and his Followers is nothing short of amazing.

When I am going through previous messages between me and other Followers from before I turned away, things I said and did then were not appropriate, and I will admit that. To think I was a part of this group in any way taught me a valuable lesson in getting ALL the facts before making a move on anything. I am sure I will have plenty to answer for before this is over and done with, and that's fine. 

It can't be any worse than worrying, constantly, about the revenge that could be sought on me for turning away (my house could catch fire or CPS could get sent again). 

But, what will be will be. And, I have enough intelligence to know that the Attorney General's office has an extremely high success rate, and Angela is not going to push forward with this without EVIDENCE. If Michael is found guilty, it will NOT be because of "government corruption", but because of his own actions and those of his trained group of dogs.

Did you guys really think I was going to go away quietly? My name and things I wrote in support of Terpening had to come off the Internet. Not to mention, the Followers pushed Reigh and I together CONSTANTLY. How many phone calls did I have to make to him at the request of all of you? More than I can count.

But, I am glad for that. I would not trade that kid for the world. He is extremely intelligent and will leave a mark on this world, as will the other victims who decided that enough is enough. 

Sticking my nose where it doesn't belong? Seriously? Susie, may I remind you of all the dirty places your nose has been (and mine once, too)? In the business of EVERY person named Dewey in southwest Michigan? How about privileged (and gagged) information regarding the victim in the next trial (CD)? Oh, let's not forget the picture you folks have of the web designer driving illegally? (Seeing as how you supply most of the rides...hmm.)

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