Saturday, October 27, 2012

Terpening Has Little Support after DNA Evidence is Revealed

Michael Terpening in trial for multiple sex crimes
Information I received is that Michael Terpening does not have much support left in the courtroom. The Followers, so to speak, have been hanging out in a conference room and spending little time in the courtroom. They wander around outside or sleep in chairs. They become angry if other witnesses sit in the conference room they think is exclusively theirs, as was the case with Jamie Moore Bell. She had to be reminded that she was not allowed the victim, who was sitting in the room at the time.

Friday, in court, the assistant Attorney General, Angela Povilaitis, brought forward the DNA evidence that proves Brian, also known as Resident A at the House Next Door, was telling the truth in his statements. During the investigation, Brian led investigators to a spot where one sexual misconduct incident occurred with Terpening. He pointed to a spot where he alleged Terpening's DNA would be in the kitchen pantry of the house across the street from Terpening's home and Earth Services. He showed investigators the garbage can where a napkin was at, alleging it also had Terpening's DNA. According to his statements, Terpening had also given him a beer to drink and a cigar to smoke, which the remains were also in the garbage can. Brian's DNA were on those items, which corroborates the statements he provided all along, despite Terpening's malicious statements about him and the things he had others post on line about him, statements that later came up on a Google search about him.

When Terpening couldn't get the boys to drop the charges, he took the next step, similar to Jerry Sandusky, to tear apart the boys through lies that were posted online and statements made to his supporters that attacked them as people. These victims have been badmouthed, abused, molested, and hung out to dry. These victims were lied about and made out to be bad people to the public who have been watching this case evolve from a distance.

Trial resumes next week as more witnesses are called to testify.


  1. Good story, Jen. You have so many things to share with the rest of us. Not just to expose the dirty deeds of this predator, but perhaps this will cause parents to take a second look at someone who seems a bit "off" to them.

    Our children are precious to us. Those who do not understand this and think they can use children in any manner they see fit should learn a lesson from this trial. You can get away with things for awhile, but eventually you will be caught and punished for your crimes.

    Yes, folks. These boys and young men will be exonerated of the insulting charges made by Twerpies that they are liars, thieves, low-life nothings. I have met some of these victims. They are not liars. What they said is true. They did not deserve what happened to them and they did not deserve to be called liars by anyone - ever! They are some of the nicest young men I have spoken with in a very long time. I'm impressed by the fact that they are nothing like the Twerps were trying to convince us they are.

    Thanks for taking time to work on this blog so more people can learn the TRUTH about this case.

  2. Thanks, MistyEyes. I am glad for the victims that they will be able to get some closure once this case is over, or should I say cases. It's bad enough the young men had to go through being victimized in the way that they did. I don't wish that on my worst enemy. I hope they will be able to move forward and put this behind them.

    I am so proud of these victims. Earlier victims caved, but these young men stood strong and are setting a great example for other victims out there still being abused. I pray their actions and the path of this case has empowered them and helped them to let go of this nightmare. Granted, they will never forget, but at least they can hold their heads high, knowing their actions has saved many future victims from Terpening.


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