Thursday, April 5, 2012

Confronting Michael Terpening

It wasn't long after talking about the situation with Susie that I received a message from Michael on Facebook. He was letting me know he appreciated my help, but that it would be best if we disconnected for awhile. 

I explained to Michael that I had to support Reigh at this point. He did call me by phone, at my insistence because I was tired of typing. I didn't lie to Michael. I confronted him with what Reigh said, as well as his farm hand. I told him the truth about what had happened. I talked to Michael a couple of times that night. 

In the first conversation, he asked me, "So, what, Reigh is saying the recant is a lie?" I responded  with a yes. He replied with, "Then tell him to keep lying!" 

In the second conversation, Michael had become quite agitated. He was back to making statements similar to, "Well, if I had done whatever they were accusing him of (at the moment), then don't you think I would do "this"? You could fill in the blanks with a number of things, I had heard him use that line several times. 

I don't know, some people might think the comment is nothing. But, when I was a teenager, I used to lie to my mom all the time and put her through quite a bit of hell. If I wanted to go stay the weekend somewhere I didn't want her to know about, I would have a convincing story. I remember when I was 15 years old and wanted to spend the weekend with my 19 year old boyfriend. I would say to her, "Mom, don't you think if I was going there, I'd actually involve "so and so" and get them to lie for me?" Something along those lines. 

Anyways, the point is I know the line well. I did not ever say anything to Michael, but I caught it

I talked to him about the charges, and he continued to say he was not a child molester and that he was a good father. He complained because it was too late to accept a plea, and I asked him why he hadn't originally. He said, "Are you kidding me? I would never see my kids again!" He did not respond with, "Because I am innocent!"

He also made reference in the conversation regarding allegations made by residents of K-PEP. He did not deny those either, instead saying he could not get into trouble for the K-PEP guys. Partway through the conversation, I put Michael on speaker phone and taped the conversation with my computer. It is the only time I have recorded any conversations with Michael. It was enough. The Attorney General have copies of that conversation.

I have not lied against Michael. Jamie can vent about what sheep I am on the Justice for Michael Terpening site. I dared stand against her, look out. 

The Terpening Followers have also went so far as to call CPS on me. I was relieved that it had been quiet at the house because no one had my new address. Well, somehow they figured out because they sent CPS to my house. Nice. Thank God I have house insurance. I keep dreaming about fires.

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