Friday, April 6, 2012

Bond Violations

My phone call to the Michigan State Police brought more phone calls from the troopers and detectives investigating the case. Apparently, Trooper Vannette, Klotz, and Cook are still the investigators, but for the Attorney General instead. They all called to talk about specific aspects of the case, and then later, Reigh and I met with the AG.

Angela and I talked by telephone for awhile, and she was given preliminary statements. There is too much information to handle in one phone call, so we stuck to the bond violation information. Because of what happened, I had to report what I knew, including things that were faults of my own. 

I have no problem with being honest about what I have seen and what has happened. That is the only way this case will be tried fairly, with EVERYONE being honest. That is not going to happen with Michael Terpening and Jamie Moore Bell.

One thing the troopers asked was where Michael was living. I had no idea he did not change his address. I explained that I did not have his house address and only knew how to get there. They asked for the information and also asked if he was still driving the same truck. I said yes and gave them the requested information.

This location is exactly where they arrested Michael in the middle of the night. Apparently, unbeknownst to the rest of us, he did not change his address with the courts. He had been living in this apartment for at least six weeks prior to his arrest. He had plenty of time to change his address. Again, how is that my fault? It is not.

In the course of the conversations, I also revealed the phone call that took place between Michael and I. I explained that when he contacted me by Facebook (after Susie tipped him off), I asked him to call me, with no plans to record the conversations. Unfortunately, things he started saying freaked me out, so I put him on speaker and recorded the end of the second conversation between us. 

I will not go into anything about the recording, except to make reference to allegations with different answers than he had previously given me. What allegations will be revealed at a later time. The Attorney General possesses that conversation. 

The day before Michael's first day of the bond violation hearing, Reigh and I met with the AG and Trooper Klotz at a public location to talk about the case. I played the conversation between Michael and I then, at which point they asked me to burn the copies and bring them to court the next day. Reigh and I both received subpoenas and told us to be in court for the hearing the next morning.

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