Sunday, April 8, 2012

Denying a Setup

The currently Terpening Followers think my role, all along, was a setup. Funny!!! If it was a setup, I would not have been swinging horse crap into a spreader, ruining tennis shoes. If it was a setup, I would NOT have been helping Jamie handle Big Dick (pictures to follow). If it was a setup, I would NOT have paid Jamie's lawyer bill of $200. 

Yeah, it was a setup alright...duh. 

Had to use a Bobcat to get the mule up on his feet. He stayed up for awhile but kept laying back down.

Me feeding some grain to the weak mule.

Jamie giving Big Dick some attention.

Unfortunately, since the mule had been down so long prior to these pictures being taken, the mule was unable to permanently stay up on his feet and had to later be shot. Seems kind of weird that Terpening has so many rescue animals that they ran out of decent names and had to start naming them "Big Dick".

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