Sunday, April 8, 2012

Help from Rob

Earlier on in this case, a great deal of hype was created by a man named Rob D. He designed the Web site, This site has brought a significant amount of speculation and facts regarding this case.

This site is also the first that reported and posted the 9/12/11 transcripts as soon as they were available to the public. 

What instigated Rob to create the previously mentioned site? He was tracking the story through other media sites, such as MLive. Some comments were posted by various people, and here comes Jamie Moore Bell with a vicious mouth, tongue lashing everyone who dared disagree with her opinion. 

When I first interacted with Rob D., I did not much care for him. For one, he had my criminal history and psychiatric history on his site. Most people already knew these things about me, but it was my story to tell, not his. I spoke to him once, a few months ago, by phone, after he threw out a snare in the form of a "paid attorney" for Rodney. I blocked my call and dialed his number. It is so hard to distinguish people just through emails and text messaging. I guess I wanted to hear who he was, too. And, I did. His attorney offer only applied to his own personal attorney.

Rob was not the most pleasant conversationalist. Because I was pro-Terpening, many other people received verbal abuse from me, as well, people like WeedWitch, Miss T, Ludicrousspeed, Lisbeth, as well as Rob. I am sure, at some point, there will be questions asked of me regarding things I know and did. But, it is what it is. I went back and apologized. 

I did not speak to Rob by telephone again, until a week and a half after Rodney moved in with me. We, the Followers, had already done some pretty mean things to Mr. D. at different sites. We mocked him, told him he lived in his mama's basement, called him a basement troll (this is the story at HubPages in its original form, will be changing it soon, accused him of beating animals, publicized his former address, date of birth, and full legal name. That had to have made the guy uncomfortable. We had even threatened to call his customers. Once, Michael called me when he was in the Grand Rapids area telling me he was looking for Rob's home and was using an old address he found online. I guess this goes to show the threat the site was to everyone, looking back. 

Who would think he would be one of the first people I would contact when the bond violation issue hit? I did not plan it that way. This man, Rob D., apparently has a Master's in social work and has not only worked with sexual abuse victims, but also with sexual offenders. He has raised many foster children and even adopted at one point. This man is not stupid, he knows the laws like a lawyer does, and you can not persuade him away from what is fact, no matter how hard you try. 

That is why Jamie Moore Bell despises him so much. She is used to being in control and having things her way. That is why her husband makes comments that "his wife is pissed" and how he thinks it is funny. She has no control over Rob D. He will call you out, interrupt your "b.s." and shut you up in a second if you are full of crap.

Rob has done nothing wrong except created a Web site for people who do not know the truth. Everything on his site is legitimately true. I'm sure more will follow later, too. Rob has been a wonderful encouragement for Reigh, by listening and offering ideas of paths that could lead Reigh to greater things for his future. 

He has been an excellent resource for taking the proper steps to helping Reigh get on the right track. He and I talk regularly now, but it is not about Jamie's habits of "shopping at Goodwill". (I shop at Goodwill. My kitchen table is from Goodwill. Come up with something better Jamie.)  

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