Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Riff Raff from the Followers

I have received a great deal of riff raff from the Followers, but so far, not as bad as it could be. Certainly, they are angry at me. I did not expect them to be anything other than that. They have all either made wise-cracks on Facebook, text messaged me, sent CPS knocking on my door, and they have all had colorful things to say. 

They are doing to me what they have done to every other person who has dared to be in opposition to Michael. For, example, let's use Rob D. as an example of what the Followers do. The Followers tracked his old address, and Michael and the farm hand actually drove over there to "take a look". Rob's parents' names, his birthdate, and his picture have been posted online for all to see. The Followers have dug into his personal history to see when was the last time Rob filed his taxes. They have pulled up bad business reviews from former clients he has had. They have found random articles about "sex rings" and attached Rob D.'s name to it, as well as a man a convicted of sex crimes out out of Calhoun County, assuming that he was Rob's extended family member.

The Followers already knew personal things about my life, but they did not know where I had bought my new house. Michael was about to come visit me there, but chose not to come because Reigh had just moved in with me. I never gave Michael my new address. I paid cash for my house so I would not have to deal with a house payment. Right after that, all hell broke loose and Michael was back in jail.

They brought up me smoking weed in court, and in comments. Funny thing is, does anyone stop to think how they know I was smoking weed at the time? Maybe because they knew about it. (Katie is a bit of a pothead). A recent comment I saw on the MichaelTerpening.com site mentions my giving alcohol to a minor. That also did not happen. Susie had the alcohol at her house the night of the party and offered Reigh Jell-o shots and drinks.

Recently, Katie Rucinski made comments regarding the weed and the issues with my new house on Facebook. Within a week, CPS was here confronting me about the exact same two issues. This is cute, coming from a girl who was pulling weed out of her pocket in the back seat of Susie's car, like a nut, showing it off to everyone after court. 

Boy, Jamie was pissed about that one, especially since she was out of court on bond herself. Can you picture Katie, with her hot pink sign, standing alone in a snowstorm, yelling out in Michael's defense with weed in her pocket? 

I say forget the snowstorm, let's go in where it is warm.

This only means that now they have the address at the house I bought. There have been a few nights where the air has been unsettling, and my paranoia has had me looking out windows. My dogs are wonderful. My two oldest dogs will growl and bark if there is unsuspecting noise. They would have me out of bed the second they here a stick break outside or someone open the front porch door. My two puppies are 8 weeks old, and if they hear the older dogs growling, they have picked up the cue to follow them...lol.

Needless to say, Reigh has been in recent contact with Jerry Bell, not sure entirely why. Reigh is messing with him, I think. Many are guilty of failing to protect Reigh, and some are even charged with crimes in this case. I told Reigh to cease and desist with Jerry. I have also received text messages from the farm hand asking me to remove certain information. 

Stay Tuned...

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