Saturday, April 7, 2012

Now What?

I have no clear answer for what "Now what happens?" question. I realize I have went against the advice in some areas of suggestions, but what is done is done. I am sure the Attorney General will call to holler at me on Monday, too. 

What I find out is sad for Reigh is the following statement he made in his blog, "I hate that she's so hellbent on seeing Mike as innocent because of something her mother said years ago."

I know my blog is not going to be a huge affect on the trial; the evidence is already what it is. But, it brings some serious truths to light about things that were asked some time ago. I wish I had listened to certain people much sooner, but thank God that resource was always there for us.

I will say this, it has only just begun. I am sure to be adding more to this story. I had a laugh a little while ago when I checked my stats. Seems to be quite a few people are reading this and some are quite angry. Some of them already knew, as is one person who has been aware of Michael's life for a long time. But, people are craving the truth

I wonder how many people reading this are people in Michael's family, wondering what really caused everything to go South. I would imagine some people have been defending his innocence, just as I had, yet still had doubts despite their words. Understandable. Family loyalty and disbelief can cause people to turn a semi-blind eye to some things.

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