Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Road with Reigh...

I will not take the liberty to discuss certain aspects of Reigh's personal business. Some stories are his to tell. He started writing and developed a blog, but he has been in no rush to talk. He has given me full authority to speak, but I will only speak from my point of view.

One thing about Reigh, he is in no rush to do anything. He is an intelligent young man and thinks many things out carefully before he does anything. A person could learn a thing or two from this guy...

I dragged my heels for a long time on helping Reigh. I was gritting my teethe and expecting the worst. I have seen and heard a lot from Reigh over the few months that I knew him prior to his moving in with me. Just because I stayed in Bellevue for a short time does not mean I did not start seeing some things for what they were, certain things that definitely raised considerable doubt. 

It took a few months, though. I was totally fooled for awhile, that is true. The worst mistake that Michael and Jamie made was pushing me to help Reigh all the time. I can't tell you how many phone calls I have gotten over four months on that kid!! I mean, holy moly, I was on my way to Crossroads Mall with a loved one when he called and said he was wanted to end his own life and did not want to be alone? I swear, this did happen, and he told me he wanted me to be with him when he did it.

Now, I know I wrote a story at HubPages about physician-assisted suicide, but I am DEFINITELY not a physician. I told Reigh, "Oh, hell no, Reigh, I am not Jack Kevorkian. I am not incriminating myself in something like that." 

What do you do when this kid makes contact with you and has lost all hope on life? What do you do when this kid has hit rock bottom like no other, and you know this, but you don't know why? What do you do when he cries in desperation for someone to just give a crap about him? (this was a month or so prior to him coming to stay with me?)

A lot of factors played into a change of resolve for Reigh that night. Because of the circumstances and people who were in contact with him that night, Reigh stopped talking about suicide as much. He decided to join us for church the next day. He started settling down some. 

And then war broke out where he was staying. Back on the streets with a box, Reigh starts contacting people, including Jamie Moore Bell and Jerry Bell, desperate for a place to stay. This was approximately March 16, 2012.

At this point, I was still in support of Michael.

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