Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How This Affects Us

Reigh is a unique individual. Ever since I first knew him, he had great things to say about Jamie, mostly how he felt about her. He had love for Jamie that he did not have for anyone else. Whenever I was around the two of them together (which was at least 3 times), they seemed to genuinely get along well. 

Reigh is not stupid either, he can play a person like a fiddle. The problem with Reigh is that when he tries to cover up something he has wittingly done wrong, he is a really bad liar. As I mentioned earlier in the blog, there were things that were happening that were just not making sense anymore. 

For example, the text from Jamie asking me if I knew anything about Reigh being shot. Seriously? I had just spoken to Reigh awhile prior to this, and he had not said anything to me. According to Jamie, he had been shot in a bad drug deal.

So, I called Reigh, and asked him, "What's going on Reigh?" He responded with, "Not much, why?" So, I asked him, "Why am I getting messages from Jamie telling me you got shot in a bad drug deal?" He laughs and says nothing for a moment, and then gave me a half-ass story (that was obviously not true) and only gave indirect answers and was in a hurry to get off the phone.

I called Jamie back and reported what I knew. I told her I thought Reigh was lying, but that he confirmed the story. I asked Reigh during the conversation where he had been shot, and what they did to take care of the wound afterwards. He replied that it was somewhere between his "lower back and upper thigh". Come on, Reigh, you have a mouth and usually don't hold back. You were shot in the ass? "Yeah". I asked him if he went to the hospital. "Yeah, they took it out." In the few short hours since we had last talked? 

I realize now he was messing with Jamie. He was never shot. He was mad at Jamie for her role in this and was lashing back out at her. Reigh has shown me lots of past messages between him and Jamie. He was not always nice to her. He tormented her and laughed about it. (I learned this recently). 

At the time of the alleged "shooting", Jamie and I were talking on a near daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. Reigh stressed her out like no other and she ask me to deal with him because she could not handle his "drama". I received numerous calls from Jamie about Reigh. She would vent and complain.about him a lot.

My ignorance and blindness for having gotten involved with any of this for whatever crazy reason I might have has brought me to this point. And I have answering to do, I am sure. I had spent some time with Michael on a social level, not just at Susie's party. I had been invited, by him, to his new apartment not long after he moved in. He gave me a grand tour. 

I also went and watched him do karaoke. I watched him interact with a woman who he grew up with and was extremely close to, like brother and sister close. He told me he would not accept the massage from the stylist, that he would give it to his wife as a gift if he won that prize in the competition.

Maybe the reasons I could not see the "offender characteristics" in Michael, at the time, were because:

  • I had not been around him enough.
  • I am a female. All the charges against him involve young men and male youths. Same for his good friend from the pub. Same with Susie. Same with other women around him. Same with Katie. He has no history of victimizing young women, and in fact, can produce a great con story and play on emotions to get women's attention.
Reigh has bittersweet emotions regarding Jamie Moore Bell, she was his mother figure for awhile. He feels great remorse and guilt towards Mrs. Terpening and her children and wishes this could all just go away.

Unfortunately, at this point, that is not going to happen. These are serious charges. If Michael is innocent or guilty, he deserves a fair trial. I have read every transcript (difficult to do because it is upside down, thanks Rob for helping me learn something new about computers). 

Some things in those transcripts are things I confronted Michael about early on in telephone conversations between us. I asked him why those allegations were there and who the victims were. I never wrote about those things because the victims should be kept confidential. But he swore to me they were not true allegations.

Reigh has no confidentiality. Just a group of bullies trying to talk so much crap about him and the other victims. That is the job of the Followers. Talk about them as if they are horrible people to discredit them as human beings. Problem with that tactic is this: if the person is already telling the truth, there's not much you can discredit, is there?

This roller coaster ride has no on or off switch. It is on high speed right now, and there is little room for some people to make any moves left or right. This coaster is about to derail. That leaves no choice than to be honest and strive for better from here forward.

And the bottom line is, the truth will prevail. 

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