Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rodney, a.k.a. "Reigh"

Before I write about Rodney, I want everyone to know that he and I have been friends since the day we met and the YouTube recant video was recorded. Reigh and I have an interesting relationship, which was rocky in the beginning. Reigh has not always been truthful with me during the time I knew him. Looking back, I understand why he did the things he did. We will get to the "Reigh fun" in a minute.

Meeting Rodney was quite the experience. He was a nice guy, and I could tell he was extremely smart and articulate. He had an interesting sense of humor and can laugh at the simplest jokes. I could tell, though, that by his flamboyant personality that this was going to be work with him. He has been through hell and back and has been in over 27 foster homes and institutions between the age of 8 and 19.

When Rodney saw Jamie, I could see the love he had for her. I could tell he desperately yearned attention and love from people. The sad part about this case is that Rodney has lost his family at Earth Services. As a result of Earth closing, Rodney had no place to go and began living on the streets, moving around from house to house.

Throughout the four to five months I wrote for this case, I received a large amount of phone calls regarding Reigh from Terpening and Jamie Moore Bell. They were "concerned for his welfare" and the fact he was struggling. I was in the middle of worker's compensation lawsuit that earned enough money to buy myself a house cash. Terpening and the Followers knew about this lawsuit and asked me on several occasions to help Reigh get off the streets. They asked me to let him stay with me on numerous occasions. I could not bring him into my home just because the Terpening clan wanted me to. This was a decision that had to be later worked out between Reigh and me...

I did not expect to find out from later transcripts and reports that Jamie Moore Bell was pushing and coercing Reigh to continue with the bogus recant. She also brought Judith Faye into the mix, and Faye also has a good deal to do with the recant and with bribing Reigh.

To Jamie Moore Bell, who worked up to 96 hours a week, these guys' "mom", the one who laughed about shoulder rubs from the guys, and how she got two back rubs at once (because of obvious male anatomy?) To Jamie Moore Bell,  whose husband should be in question of what he truly knows? And what I know? Yeah, they pulled that profile really quick...but I got a picture of it. Maybe I will show that later, maybe I won't. I'm still twirling that one around yet.

I will be touching more on Jamie later. I know people think I went into this as a setup, but that is not true. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to lie and cover up for all that I do know.

The victim has begun to speak now, and as I am caught in this on some levels now, he still has to be priority, or he will be another statistic. And because this victim is the one of a few that knows the truth, and he is opening up and changing things in his life that have amazed me as an individual. 

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