Sunday, July 15, 2012

What is Love?

What is the true definition of love? Well, it depends on the type of love, as there are a few types, according to the Greeks.
  • Philia - means friendship or affection love and refers to the type of love that happens between good friends and family. This type love is dispassionate, virtuous, and non-sexual. It is also referred to as "brotherly love". 
  • Agape - means unconditional love, the type of love that comes with holding high respect for another and can also happen between friends and family. This is the type of love that shows in action when you do something for another, even when you don't want to. It is also referred to as "sacrificial love".
  • Eros - means passionate love. This type of love occurs between lovers and spouses and is intimate, with sensual desire and longing. This love is stronger than philia, the friendship love, and brings strong emotion with it.
Recently, I have seen comments being made regarding the relationships that Reigh has with Rob and me. Hannah Coy posted a status update about emails between Reigh and Rob and went as far as to say that Rob is grooming him. She also calls Rob a monster.

I laugh when I read this. Rob has not groomed Reigh in any way. He has been nothing but kind to Reigh and a good friend. Rob and I definitely have our differences, but we have one common goal: to see Reigh get past what has happened in his life in order to move forward and be successful. Whether or not Terpening is found guilty is irrelevant, Reigh still has to learn to move on and have a good life. 

When Reigh was sent to the House Next Door, he was in need of a good fatherly figure and people who cared for him. He desperately needed a combination of agape and philia love. But, that's not what he received when he went to stay at the facility. 

Reigh was failed 300% by the staff at the House Next Door (except for one, and he knows who he is) who were either 1) too clueless to see obvious signs of abuse happening under their noses, or 2) knew about the abuse and chose to look away. Terpening picked excellent employees to work for him because they would esteem him as their idol who does no wrong.

So, I wonder, what the big deal is that people have stepped up to care for Reigh and helping to clean up the mess that Terpening has created? Does Reigh not deserve SOMEONE to love him and care for him? Does he not deserve a place to lay his head down at night without fear of being victimized by Terpening or beaten up by one of the other guys in the home.

The Followers turn everything good into something dirty. Because their nature is to abuse others, they cannot recognize a good thing to save their lives. Are they mad at themselves for failing these kids? Is the one that worked the most hours angry with herself because of what she cannot face, especially after losing a couple children in the early years? Is she angry at herself for sharing personal, confidential information about the residents of the facility with her best friend? Is she upset with herself for sacrificing her own paycheck to support her idol?

I have news for the Followers, this is far from over for the victims. They have to live with what happened and figure out how to do something with their lives. Reigh played you with the recant video. Anyone with brains can figure he is still messing with them and getting them hyped up. It only brings out their fangs and shows what types of people those kids were subjected to being around.

And now what? I have been warned of what is about to happen. And, this is a very bad time for my "give a damn" to be busted. I know the Followers were hoping I would just go away quietly. Why, so you can talk about me online the way you talk about the people trying to get to the bottom of the truth? Of course, I am going to say what happened. Be thankful I haven't said 90% of what I could have said, and still could. When you lie, people are going to fight back with the truth. These victims deserve that much after dealing with failures.

And the future victims that have been left behind still need to be protected before they are groomed to replace Terpening.

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