Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Theory on Susie's "Death Threats"

After the victim had recanted his recant with me, the first person I spoke to about my concerns and doubts was Susan Ward Gillihan. The fact is, she is a mother and grandmother and cares very much for her family. I truly believe that she things Michael is innocent, and this case is a huge conspiracy against him.

On the day of the bond violation hearing, Susie did not show up for court. She is usually in every court hearing faithfully, but she did not show up this day. The hearing had to be adjourned and finished the next day for Susie to be in attendance.

I was not in attendance on the second day, but an insider revealed to be that Susie lied under oath and said Reigh and I were not invited to the party, and that we did not have permission to come. Apparently, Susie received some death threats, as she so alleges.

(This is just THEORY) But, if the death threats towards Susie happened by telephone, could Michael have made the call, or had someone make it? As I stated in the previous post, Michael can change his voice and fool people and is quite good at it. 

If Michael pranked Susie with the death threats, would that have deterred Susie from showing up for court? Would that have something to do with why she lied on the witness stand? Could Michael have been in such a major panic, because of what he had just found out in conversation with me, that he would have went to any length to keep Susie still testifying for him? Maybe he was afraid that she would turn next?

I mean, seriously, death threats? I have received quite a bit of backlash from the Followers (CPS showing up at my house, derogatory comments made by Jerry Bell in very recent text messages with Rodney, and the farm hand being angry that he is in the blog, too). I have been threatened with voodoo and spells, been accused of "losing my cauldron", and yet, I still have not received any death threats (and, I am the one who turned away from the case?).

Wake up, Susie. It might be just theory, but it seems to be the most plausible reason for death threats.


  1. So why was the farmhand upset? was he mad because he got caught cheating on his hefty girl friend? What about the rumors of sex with a goat? will there be a story about that? Hope you are well.

  2. I am well, thank you. I have never heard anything about a "goat" and the farm hand. Things I have heard are hearsay and do not have evidence to bring online. I have heard from the farmhand, just a couple days ago, and he is quite upset about his picture being in the blog. But, as I told him, I have not used his name, so that is one bonus (he was my tipster). Also, I reminded him of his name being in the transcript and asked him why. Yes, he was upset about Michael catching him, but is that enough to want to see an "innocent man" go to prison for decades and be taken from his children? I doubt it.

  3. Tell Dustin Goodson he is just as guilty as all the Terpenings, he might as well be one for the amount of time he's spent with the family.

  4. Lisbeth u think u know the terpening family. You just go by what ur boyfriend tells you. In my opinion he doesn't know Crap! You talked like you personally knew what happened with Jason back in 2005. You don't have a clue. Now your teaming up with everyone who is against the terpenings for what? Because your jealous and have so much hatred for mikes sister? Grow up! Get a life and maybe a job.


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